Monday, May 7, 2012

Time Flies Whether You're Having Fun or Not!

Quick update over here being that I have managed to go another week without posting anything.   First off - happy May!  Hard to believe that we're into May already but indeed we are and I hope that whatever your May flowers bring it's not a boatload of Pilgrims!  I've been working on some posts for a travel blog project that I'm doing in conjunction with the Hawthorne Hotel so I've had lots of Pilgrims on the brain lately myself as I research and write about Provincetown on Cape Cod;  I can only imagine how many more Pilgrims I have on the brain once I get to Plymouth!

Anyhow, as vague as that is, suffice it to say I've been busy with that project as well as dealing with some cervical issues that have cropped up and given me a royal pain in the neck (not to mention some numbness and tingling in places I'd rather not have - my right hand for example). While I'm trying to work through that inconvenience, my mother is working through the effects of the stroke that she had this past Thursday which most definitely caused pretty much everything else to come to a screeching halt.  Fortunately for me, the ambulance ended up bringing her to to the hospital right down the road from me rather than the one she normally goes to which is 40 miles in the other direction.  Having her close by has been good.

As of my last visit to see her yesterday, mom's looking a lot better as well as speaking better (not as much hesitation) and the movement in her right arm and leg are continuing to improve. Today we find out if she'll be going to rehab at a nursing home for a little while or not and which one it would be. Obviously this wasn't something that any of us had planned for as I can't think of a single person in my family who has ever had a stroke before and truthfully, even though I know my mom is getting up there in years (she'll be 78 in June), I never think of her as being that old.  Not that you can't have a stroke at any age of course but obviously age played into it with my mom.  That and the history of high blood pressure and high cholesterol and diabetes - all of which were under control with medication but apparently some of the medications she was on weren't ones that should have been mixed.

My Dad always said that doctors don't really know much about drug interactions and he was right.  If you're on a combination of medications and don't use the same pharmacy for all of them (because of her Tricare for Life benefits my Mom gets some of her meds at the Navy Base pharmacy and some through Express Scripts) be sure to let each pharmacy know all of the medications that you've been prescribed as unlike doctors, pharmacists DO know what drugs play well with each other and if they don't, he/she will be sure to let you know so that you can get your doctor to look for an alternate.

Anyhow, that's things here for the most part.  Being busy and adjusting priorities ... no wonder it's already into the second week of May and I hadn't really noticed! 


  1. Glad to hear your Mum is doing well.

  2. time certainly DOES fly! i am so sorry to hear of your moms stroke linda. hope she continues to progress.

    hugs, bee

  3. I'm taking some deep breaths and sending them your way

    I hope Mom continues to improve, I'm so sorry about that

    make a little time to take care of yourself


  4. I'm sorry about your moms stroke. She is in my prayers.

    I'm also sorry that you are having issues. I hope those are rectified soon and you are in my prayers.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  5. Do hope and pray that your mom continues to do well...and you, too, in the worrying department that goes along with it! Bugger. Be sure to take care of Linda in the process.

    Big hugs, honey...

  6. So glad to hear your Mom is improving and praying for a complete recovery! Your mother and mine are just about the same age. MotherDear will be 78 in October.

    I am grateful that my parents DO use just one pharmacy because with so many doctors prescribing for the two of them... Oy! Even so, just the other day I called my sister Lynda (the RN) because MotherDear was trying to convince my Dad to take some of her Rx allergy medication for his Spring sneeze-y sniffle-y allergy nose-itis. I wanted to make sure there weren't any interaction issues with the meds he's taking. After all of that, then he didn't take them anyway. Achoo!

    Being your parent's parent is harder than I thought it would be. srsly. How about you?

  7. What you said about cross-communication about all medications is imperative. Add in there any herbals, vitamins and over the counter stuff. Chemicals are chemicals, whether they occur naturally or in the lab.

    Most pharmacies have a medication conflict program in place.

    As a person who worked for a company that was a pharmacy provider, I can attest that that a good pharmacist is vital. A good one can spot a conflict a mile away. That makes him/her a keeper!

  8. Glad to hear that your mother is doing well. Here's to continued healing. Hope your neck issues go away....

  9. Anonymous7:29 PM EDT

    Yikes, sorry to hear about your mother...but I'm glad she is doing well. Hopefully she'll be home before too long.

  10. Have been following your mom's improvement on FB. So glad she is doing better.
    Happy May and hugs from Ohio,

  11. Yikes...I hadn't heard about your mom's health issues. Sorry to read about that, but it sounds like she's improving. Best wishes for that to continue!

  12. thinking good thoughts for mom.


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