Saturday, May 19, 2012

Working for the Weekend at the Inn Victoria

As I mentioned briefly yesterday, Jamie and I are spending this weekend in the charming town of Chester, Vermont where we are participating in the Second Annual Inn Victoria Work Weekend.  The weather has been absolutely gorgeous this year unlike last year when it rained for a good part of the time that we were here and even though yes, it's been a lot of work it's also been a lot of fun seeing familiar faces from last year and meeting new folks.

We are once again staying in the Prince Alfred room just like last year but this year there's a big new change to the room - a second bed!  So, Jamie has been happily ensconced in her own feel-like-you're-sleeping-on-a-cloud 1600-threat count triple-sheeted bed while I've been enjoying my own also.  Sweet!

The food has been absolutely delicious - just like last year. Breakfast this morning was fresh strawberries served with light brown sugar and a dollop of sour cream (that made a delicious almost caramel-like sauce when mixed together) followed by Eggs Benedict with asparagus and tomato served on a puff pastry, plenty of bacon, and coffee that actually tasted as good as it smelled!

While I spent the day painting doors and trim inside the house, Jamie was kept quite busy outside doing some gardening as well as painting the inn's sign and giving it a fresh rejuvenated look.

Following a busy day with a break for delicious burgers and pasta salad for lunch, we worked until about 5:00 and then cleaned up in time for dinner with these fellas accompanied by delicious steaks followed by a wonderful rhubarb-strawberry crisp with homemade whipped cream!  No picture of that I'm afraid, I ate it too quickly!

After a busy day of painting and other tasks and eating like royalty, Jamie took off to soak in the hot tub for a bit while I enjoyed the wonderful soaking tub in the our bathroom.

I have to say, working for these kind of "wages" isn't bad at all and I've been very proud of Jamie as she really pitched in and did her share and then some working just as hard as everyone else and doing a great job. This might not be too many teenager's idea of a "fun" weekend but we've sure been enjoying it and now we can say that we've finally had honest-to-goodness struggle-to-get-it-out-of-the-shell lobster. Good thing there were people here to give lessons on that!

We've got another day of work ahead of us tomorrow with no doubt more good food in store before heading back to Connecticut where I will definitely miss that soaking tub, the 1600-thread count sheets, and having someone else cook for me but probably not the paintbrush that had me thinking I was channeling my inner Barb all day! 


  1. i keep telling you that you have the most interesting life!!!

    smiles, bee

  2. Brava to you & Jamie. I think that's an awesome idea for the Inn to do, and awesome for y'all to participate!
    We need a picture of the finished sign!

  3. I'll take a pass on the lobster as I am terribly allergic but "YES, please!" to absolutely everything else! Dang it. I wish I'd come up this weekend! I'd be right at home, wouldn't I? Well, one assumes there is wine. :)

    I have a simple snack I make quite often for gatherings... it's those strawberries, brown sugar and sour cream! Nobody who has ever tried them doesn't LOVE them! And they really could not be any easier to serve!

    The Eggs Benedict looks amazing! DO WANT! And you know I love to paint!

    Let me know when they're having this next year. srsly!

  4. God that red would drive me insane. Just saying.

    Glad you had a great time. :)

  5. Can't please everyone it seems ^^

    I love the whole idea of a working weekend, staying in lovely rooms, helping spruce the place up and lovely food! Businesses like this are great for community and the economy, so it is a win for everyone.

    Would quite like to try Barb's strawberry thing!

    If only I could pop over easily, I would deffo be joining you next year.

  6. Barb - of course there's wine! And I told Penny what a marvelous painter you are and all-around handywoman; she said she'd definitely have some jobs for you next year if you were able to make it up for the Third Annual Working Weekend!

    Claire - it would make you smile to know that Jamie and I had walked across the street Friday evening and were talking to another B&B owner who said that she thinks she needs to do the same sort of working weekend thing at her place to get some things done. I think it's a wonderful concept and definitely a win-win situation for both the owners and those of us who go up and put our talents to good use. It really gives one a great sense of accomplishment and appreciation - and wipes you out completely! :-)

  7. Sounds wonderful! Our weekend was almost as good, minus your delish food :( But the weather was gorgeous here, too!
    Hugs from Ohio to all of you - worker bees,

  8. What a great idea! I wouldn't mind working for a stay in a place like that. :)

  9. I don't really care for lobster, but the rest of that food sure looks mouth watering!


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