Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Future is Looking Bright!

Holy krap! We're in the last week of June already, aren't we? That's okay though as I've got plans that I've been looking forward to this last upcoming weekend of the month as well as the first few days of July so I don't really need a Fortune Teller to predict that good times are ahead in my future!

With the Fourth of July holiday just about one week away from today, what plans are in your future?  Do you have a family barbecue, take in a dazzling fireworks display, go to a parade, or just enjoy an extra day off from work (those of you who work traditional jobs that is!)

Whatever your plans I hope they're happy ones with good times and good friends - I know mine are!


  1. Oh, another Fortune Teller machine! Is this a new theme?

    Well, you know my plans better than I do! I am praying and wishing and putting a pox on that Tropical Storm Debby. The drive to Jacksonville is bad enough without having to deal with her... at O'Dark Thirty!

  2. Me,day off on a holiday, not very likely. (My family is used to moving holidays to suit my schedule.) I am taking a break from school though so I can enjoy what time I do have off.
    Love the fortune teller!

  3. Have a terrific time. We are going to go to the boat for about one week and avoid all the fireworks. Little Bit doesn't like them one bit.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  4. We just realized that Independence Day is next Wednesday! What the heck? Where did time go? It'll be a quiet day off for us. Perhaps a picnic or just playing in the garage...

  5. Just a little BBQ at my house on Saturday. Then bigger family gathering at grandma's on Wednesday.
    Have fun with Barb! Can not wait to see your pics :)
    Hugs from Ohio,

  6. We don't celebrate 4th July but I hope yours is just fantastic!

  7. I'm aggrevated that the 4th is on a Wednesday, as that means no three-day weekend :-( We've got a fish-fry cookout on Saturday, and then another get-together on Wednesday. Oh, and we're supposed to be 100 degrees tomorrow and high-90's the rest of the week.

  8. Hope they are for you, Linda.


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