Monday, June 18, 2012

Greetings from the North Shore!

I know, you're all totally shocked and awed that I'm back up this way again, aren't you?! I'm doing some traveling with Nathaniel while celebrating Amanda's birthday at my favorite hotel which works out really well for her as some of the friends that she made while going to college up here are gathering to celebrate the day with her. Which leaves me free to wander around and take way too many more pictures!

Speaking of which, I was in Rockport last night and I got to experience some of that "magical light" that artists flock there for so decided to embrace a little bit of my own inner artist ...

Even though Rockport is a major tourist destination in the summer and there are way too many people around at that time, as I was taking pictures last night I could certainly understand just why people visit there and why they stay there. Personally, I could look at something like this for an awful long time and never get tired of it.  Maybe it just calls to the New Englander in me but I just love this picture even though I've never had a desire to spend my life on a ship or a boat!

Anyhow, I must off - there are wanderings to be had and history to be found and birthday Bismarcks to be brought back to the hotel room!

A very happy birthday to not just my oldest daughter who has somehow reached the age of 20 already but to my mother who is ageless in my own humble opinion! May both of their days be wonderful and the year ahead even better than today!


  1. Just love that second photograph in particular! I agree about crowds though, darn tourists (except for me in October)

    Can't believe Amanda is 20! sheesh that has flown by.

  2. Lovely photos Linda (as always), especially the boats - I love boats.

    Happy Birthday to Amanda and your Mum. x

  3. Amazing photos, Madam Camera-lens!!
    You have such a wonderful eye for the beauty around you.
    Happy Birthday to your daughter and your Mom...

  4. ahhhh... I'm just gonna gaze longingly at all of them and pretend I'm already there!

    Happy Birthday, Amanda and Mom Orlomoski! Have a perfectly lovely day in Salem!

  5. What a lovely place and I'd love to live on a boat. It would have to be a bit bigger than the one we have, but I could do that in a heartbeat.

    Happy birthday to Amanda and your mother.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  6. Your pictures just warm my heart :) Wish I could be there!
    Happy b-day to Amanda!
    Hugs from Ohio,

  7. Happy belated birthday to them & I just love your beautiful photos.


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