Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth of July From the North Shore!

Just a quick post before Barb and I head out from our comfy room at the Hawthorne Hotel and make the short walk down to the Peabody Essex Museum where we're going to check out their Ansel Adams Photography Exhibit. With a muggy New England day outside, it's the perfect day to go to a museum!

We've been having a lovely couple of days which started out with a whale watch cruise out of Newburyport on Monday.  We couldn't have had a nicer day to go out in search of whales - between the blue sky, puffy white clouds, and the blue ocean it was just gorgeous!

Once we got far enough out from the mainland we first spotted a few Minke whales which are the second smallest whales out there.  Mostly what we saw were their fins so yes, they do look a bit shark-like but at 20-30 feet long they're just a tad  bigger than a shark! 

Upon reaching Jeffrey's Ledge, which is about 26 miles out, we spotted a Finback whale which is the second largest mammal on earth.  Unfortunately she apparently didn't need to use her tail to go deep enough for food so the only thing we saw was her back and fin and an occasional spout.  And let me just say, whales are NOT easy to photograph! 

Returning to Salem in the late afternoon, Barb and I checked into the Hawthorne and then got together with her SisterDear Janice and NieceDear Holly for a lovely meal in the Tavern before taking our sunburned selves back up to our room and calling it a night.  Of course neither one of us remembered to wear sunscreen while out on the ocean.  Epic fail there as we were both looking a bit like boiled lobsters! 

Tuesday was a beautifully sunny day so we drove out to Cape Ann and spent some time in both Rockport and Gloucester.  Barb took some really great pictures while I took pictures of Barb!  After touring Beauport, the historic Sleeper-McCann House in Gloucester, we went to The Gloucester House for seafood and then walked around the wharf a tiny bit where we finally spotted a whale's tail! 

Barb and Salt's tail were color-coordinated! 

Mine - definitely not! 

This morning we listened to the Fifth Annual Reading of the Declaration of Independence which was supposed to be held on Salem Common but due to the not-so-great weather was relocated into the Grand Ballroom of the Hawthorne Hotel.

There will definitely be more Fourth of July activities later including fireworks tonight for which I am keeping my fingers crossed for good weather but in the meantime, we're going to go hit up the PEM and then arrange to meet up with Karen and RJ later being that when we met them for dinner last night do you think even one of us thought to take a picture of something other than our food?  Nope! 

As you celebrate America's birthday today (provided you do celebrate it!) wherever you are and whatever you're doing, I hope that your Fourth is glorious and safe! 

Long may she wave


  1. I love that you went to a reading of the Declaration. We read the document this morning and now we're watching baseball televised from our nation's capital.

  2. We went whale watching a few years ago off the coast of Tenerife - it was amazing! Lovely photos Linda. How I envy you that weather, it's dismal here.

  3. I'm glad you and Barb are having a fabulous time.

    Have a safe and happy Independence Day. :)

  4. Sneaky you are! While I am typing this comment I am keeping an eye on you and your camera. Just saying.

    It's been a wonderful couple of days with mostly picture perfect weather so you won't hear me complaining too loudly! However my knee might have something to say.

    Bring on the fireworks!

  5. I'm so glad you two are having so much fun!

  6. Oh girls, you are having so much fun! Nice captures, Linda :) Keep surprising Barb! Hahahaha!

  7. oh my this is BEAUTIFUL stuff!

    smiles, bee


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