Monday, August 6, 2012

Clear Blue Skies and No Humidity - That's What I Dream Of!

This past summer - which seems to be whizzing by at an alarming rate - has found me doing a lot of traveling in areas that are close to the sea and it's definitely made me reassess the statement that I always made about being more a mountain person than an ocean person. Maybe as we grow older the landscape that we like changes - just like our taste in things like vegetables.  As a kid I wouldn't touch spinach or brussels sprouts with a ten-foot fork but now that I'm older, I quite like both of them!

So of course all of this visiting of places near the sea has made me think about maybe someday being able to live somewhere near the sea myself and not necessarily in New England either as when winter rolls around again I'll be reminded of how much I don't care for the snow and the cold just like every summer I am reminded of how much I don't like the heat and humidity. Lately I find myself thinking about being able to retire to someplace perhaps along the Mediterranean with a beautiful view of the sea or at least with the sea within an easy walk of the place I call home couple with clear blue skies and no humidity as we've gotten plenty of that lately thank you very much!

I've taken to watching House Hunters International on HGTV lately and it's made me think about how some people have the courage to just get up and move someplace else so that they can experience a new culture and new adventures - essentially a whole new world - and it's made me think, "Would I ever have the guts to  do that?"  I'd like to think I would but I don't know and in the meantime it doesn't hurt to look so I decided to check out some Kalkan Property listings the other day - places that were only a 2 or 5 minute walk to the beach - places with beautiful blue skies and cool tile floors - places that screamed "relaxation!" - places that looked like they had no idea what a snowflake or high humidity level was - and I wished once again that I could win that darned elusive lottery and change my life so that maybe I could do more than just look at pictures and wish.

And if I can't win the lottery, how about I simply find a wealthy man who already owns a lovely Mediterranean villa that he'd like to share with me!  That would work, too! 


  1. that first apartment looks inviting! I just need to purty it up to make it my own. :-)

  2. I am looking for the same thing. I think we'll become snowbirds after I get through this last yachting assignment. I want warmth, but no humidity. Just like you and that villa sounds really nice.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  3. Wally and I want to Live in Kaua'i, where it rains over 300" a year! Maybe it comes from living in an area like this with no humidity, but I rejoiced in the heavy moist air. I love all of the vegetation, waterfalls, and of course, the ocean. Let's go find a lottery to win!!!!!!!

  4. We've started to think a little about where we'd like to ultimately settle for retirement. I suspect we'll go through several phases before we figure out where the last place will be.


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