Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Touching Base on Tuesday

Just popping in for a quick post before work to say "Hi!" and dust off the cobwebs. It was another busy batch of days off for me - not because I went anywhere exciting, mind you, but simply because I was up to my eyeballs in everyday stuff.  With a couple of overtime shifts scheduled for this weekend I suspect that it shall be the same on my next batch of days off but that's okay as I haven't worked any overtime in quite awhile and I could use the extra cash for future wanderings!

The picture above is from my last trip to the North Shore with Barb way back in early July though it sure doesn't seem like it could have been a month and a half ago already!  That picture above shows the Twin Lighthouses of Thacher's Island which I pointed out to Barb from the shore near Rockport, if you're interested in learning more about them check out my latest post on Travels With Nathaniel  titled "Going to Gloucester for Great History, Gorgeous Views, and Good Eats!" Not only can you learn about the Twin Lighthouses but take a virtual tour around other nice parts of Gloucester which is America's oldest fishing community and a place I'd love to live someday if I were to ever win that elusive lottery!

After going up to Day Kimball Hospital yesterday morning and having the second half of an EMG done to see if my carpal tunnel syndrome had flared up again or if there was another reason I have numbness in my fingers and pain in my shoulder (the doctor said that the test didn't indicated CTS or any nerve damage), I went to visit with my mom for a bit who is doing great and not showing any signs of the stroke she suffered in May.  They are having a deuce of a time getting the dosage correct with the blood thinners that's she's on and she said that her sugar has been out of whack as they've changed her medications with that too but otherwise she gets around pretty darned good and is doing well.  Until they get her prescription right on those blood thinners, though, I told her she'd best not even get a paper cut or she'd be in trouble!

Following that visit, I came home and took a Benadryl as my arms had broken out pretty badly from where the metal leads of the test device they used at the hospital had been applied as I seem to have developed a horrible metal allergy as of late.  That knocked me right out so I found myself going to bed at 7:45 and not getting up (except for that short break in the middle of the night when my bladder was screaming at me!) until 5:00 this morning.  Yikes!  I should be well rested for work at any rate!  At least that's my hope though I'm sure a nap will sound lovely right around 2:00 this afternoon but that will most likely be when most of the 911 calls come rolling in as it's another of Murphy's Laws that the number of 911 calls meets or exceeds the number of yawns executed by a dispatcher at any give time!

Ah well, speaking of which, time to climb into my uniform and go earn a paycheck.  Hope all is well in your parts of the world no matter where they may be! 


  1. Well, good news on the CT at least. And very good news on your Mom! And that view! You know how I love that view!

  2. Good to read that your test didn't show carpal tunnel or nerve damage!

    Like Barb said, good to read that Mom is doing so well. I've been lax in reading about you and Nat..maybe I'm just a tad jealous that I can't go anywhere?

    I can live vicariously through you, though!!

    Hope your Tuesday is a good one.

  3. What Barb said. Good to hear from you and I hope your shift is an easy one.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  4. How I love thispicture! As Jean would say, it's a God Spot!

  5. It is beautiful.. that is definitely a God Spot!
    I am so glad you dont' have nerve damage. Bill did. And we were worried that it was permanent. Luckily his nerve damage returned to normal after the surgery. Blessings for that!

    I hope they get to the bottom of your issues. Hope it's as good as a work day can be.

  6. I suffer a lot from numbness in my fingers and pain in my shoulder, I'm presuming it's a trapped nerve in my neck causing the problem.

  7. Wish I was right there!
    I know the tired feeling! I'm on my second antibiotic and feel exhausted. Come home from work and have to take a nap. Hope we both get better soon :)
    Hugs from Ohio,

  8. I had some recent trouble with numbness in a couple of fingers on my right hand. It was really weird, because it only happened at work, but not necessarily when I was typing. So strange.

    Well, it was strange until I realized that when I relaxed my right arm, it the edge of my desk was pressing right up against something in my elbow. It wasn't causing any pain at the pressure point, so I didn't associated that pressure with the numbness.

    DOH! Now I don't sit that way anymore and no more numbness!

  9. that is a beautiful shot
    I love the rocks

    glad about the CT but sorry you're still feeling discomfort
    same with your Mom, hope they get the meds right soon

    I loved what you said about Siren and love
    it was wise and lovely

  10. What Barb said!

    Hugs and smiles from hawt Prague, honey...


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