Friday, September 7, 2012

A Wonderful Part of Fall Is Coming Soon - Canterbury's Old Home Day!

Even though the official start of autumn is still a few weeks away, for a lot of us it begins as soon as we change the calendar over to September as that's when a lot of fall festivals, fall fairs and other fall fun stuff starts. Maybe that's just a New England thing but what can I say? We love fall up in these parts and as the season itself doesn't last as long as we'd like before it gets shouldered out of the way by Old Man Winter, we start as early as we can!

Canterbury Sign

Next Saturday, my hometown of Canterbury celebrates it's annual fall festival when the Canterbury Historical Society presents Old Home Day which they describe as an:
"... old-timey fall festival that has become a local perennial favorite. Enjoy live music all day long, animals, children’s activities, local farm products, re-enactors, demonstrations by practitioners of many traditional crafts and trades, great food, informative displays by civic and religious groups, and the chance to meet old friends and make new ones. Visit the restored one-room Green District Schoolhouse, complete with historical photos and displays of Canterbury’s one-room-school days."
Once again this year I'll be there as the "official photographer" of the event (I think this will actually be my fourth year if I'm adding it up correctly on my fingers!) and in addition, I'm actually going to try my hand at setting up a booth and maybe selling a card or a print or two of some of my New England photographs. I'm not expecting to rake in the dough like we rake up dry leaves here in the fall but it would be a real hoot to sell even one or two cards. As I'll be busy walking around the festival and taking photos, I've recruited Amanda to man the booth - something she should have no problem in doing being that she has sold her own wares at a convention or two.

If you're in the Canterbury area and want to stop by, Old Home Day takes place on the Canterbury Green - aka the lawn of the First Congregational Church - and runs from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. rain or shine.  Naturally I'm hoping for shine or even just mildly overcast but either way I'll be there with Nikon in hand and perhaps sampling a tasty corn-on-a-stick or some other delicious fall fare while listening to some great music and just enjoying what's become a fun fall tradition.

I've posted some of my favorite pictures from previous Old Home Days just to get in the mood!

Jack O'Lanterns
Connecticut Apples
Canterbury Musicians
Bear Minimum
Canterbury Musician
Canterbury Blacksmith
Canterbury Chairmaker
Canterbury Woodcarver
Canterbury Artisan
Canterbury Spinner
Antique Car
Canterbury Tractors
Canterbury Snacks
Canterbury Old Home Day

Hope to see you there!


  1. Oh, I do wish I could be there! I dearly love Autumn in New England! The colors, the crisp air, the smells... *sigh*

    I hope you sell lots and lots of photos! Be sure to have business cards, too! Someone may want to hire you!!

  2. I think if you forced me to name a favorite season, mine might just be Autumn. Especially since I moved to the northwest. Fall is just gorgeous here.

    Of course, with autumn comes Halloween and harvest decorating at my office. That's a whole new realm of fun and frolics.

  3. me some fall festivals! Barb had a very good point about those business cards. Be sure and put your blog address on them:) Good luck and have fun. Amanda, too.

    Big hugs, honey...

  4. Wish I lived closer! Fall stuff is fun :) Will be awaiting more pics!
    Hugs from Ohio,

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