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It's All About Image ... Credit!

Yesterday found Amanda and I arriving in my small hometown of Canterbury, Connecticut at the ridiculously early hour of 7:30 in the morning in order to set up the booth that I would be having as part of the town's annual fall festival, Old Home Day. I've been the "Official Photographer" for the last four events but this time I thought I'd give hawking my wares a shot and see what did or didn't happen.

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As I also had my official photographer duties to handle, I drafted Amanda to run the booth in my absence and she did a fine job of it though she was a bit of a nag about me needing to be there to explain where a certain photo or two may have been taken.  I get where she was coming from but it was a bit difficult to be in two places at once though I did my best and you can still see a gallery of 200+ photos from the event here should you be curious.

I would have to say that for my first foray into actually trying to sell some of the photos I take that I sold a respectable amount of prints and cards but what was perhaps even nicer were some of the lovely compliments that I received from those folks who took the time to stop and take a look at what we had to offer.

One of those folks was from a booth just across the grass from me, a very talented artist by the name of David Costanzo of Baldwin Brook Studio right there in little ol' Canterbury. I've seen some of David's work at previous Old Home Day events and was just as impressed yesterday as I had been previously.  The detail in his paintings is simply amazing and as he specializes in historic buildings and landscapes, you know that's something that I can totally appreciate!

According to David's website, he "... develops his own compositional paintings by visiting each site to observe lighting and mood - a moment in time that can be captured into a one of a kind painting. Each painting is carefully rendered on canvas and is painted in a *Chiaroscuro system (In Italian, “chiaro” means“light” and “Scuro” means “dark”) Each painting is under painted in a graduated monochrome tonal scale using black, gray and whites. Once the under painting model is completed, David glazes colors in oil using his own interpretation and style. David feels the dramatic use of light and shadow creates an in-depth mood and focal point in each painting."

Now I'm not the artist in the family, I give that title to Amanda, but I think I know a good painting when I see one and David's are very good as he succeeds very well in capturing that 'magical light' that even we photographers are always striving for and like to talk so much about.  That same "magical light" that I've found maybe a time or two out on Cape Ann in Massachusetts during my wanderings and would love to find more of!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMugPhoto & Video Sharing by SmugMug

David had come over and chatted briefly earlier in the day and later in the afternoon he stopped by again, this time looking over and buying a few of my photos including several of that iconic fishing shack that I love so much in Rockport, Massachusetts - Motif #1.

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As we were talking about the lighting in the photos and other things, David mentioned that he had been asked by that most venerable of New England magazines that I've written about with such reverence before - Yankee Magazine - about using one of his images of Motif #1 for an article that they were doing on fish shacks.  David said that he was quite honored to be approached and said that they could most certainly use the image with the one condition being that he requested attribution in the form of an image credit.

Image credit is at the very least a common courtesy afforded to those who produced an image whether it be via a painting, a photograph, a sketch, etc. and something that I myself have quite readily agreed to share my photos in exchange for.  As an artist, it lets people know that you were the one who produced that wonderful image that you're looking at and as a freelance artist, it's a major tool towards success.

Image Credit:  Yankee Magazine
The image above is David's that Yankee Magazine  asked to use in the article "New England's Harborside Fish Shacks" by Pete Tuttle and I have to say that I was more than surprised when David told me that when the article came out in the March/April 2012 issue (both in print and online) that there was no image credit given whatsoever.  Huh?? Seriously??  David said that when he saw that it had been omitted, he called and spoke to the same gal who had initially approached him about using his image of Motif #1 and she basically told him that the credit for the image was "on file." Yea?  So what?  How hard would it have been for them to put a small caption under the image stating, "Image courtesy of David Costanzo, Baldwin Brook Studio"? I'm thinking not hard at all and it would have been the right thing to do as otherwise it appears that the image was contributed by the same person who wrote the article when it obviously wasn't.

Finding out that a magazine that I have long-admired did that was pretty disappointing - to say the least.  Perhaps not quite as disappointing as finding out that your favorite athlete is only that good because he/she uses performance-enhancing drugs or that the guy/gal you voted for is taking kickbacks but pretty darned close.  Like David said, to be asked to be part of Yankee Magazine  is a pretty big deal to folks in New England and to have the chance to be able to say that "I have an article/photo/painting in the magazine" is some pretty major bragging rights and possibly a real business boost, but when you can't prove it because you didn't get credit for your contribution - well, it kind of more than stinks. And the whole thing just boggles my mind because I just don't see how they could have omitted something like that.  It just doesn't seem right at all - especially in this day and age when making sure that credit is given where it is due is so easy to do. I simply don't get it and I am so disappointed in Yankee Magazine, you have no idea!  Good Lord, next I'll find out that Robert Downey, Jr. really doesn't do his own stunts after all!

As for the rest of Old Home Day, none of it was a disappointment at all and I was happy to once again be a part of it as well as meet a very talented artist who likes understanding the history of what he's painting as much as I like knowing the history of a photograph I take.  Very cool stuff indeed and when you add on the compliment of saying that I had "a great eye" ... well, that made my day and then some! Now if Yankee Magazine  would just do the right thing and give the guy the image credit that he so richly deserves, all would be well in my world!


  1. Yay for you! What a success! :)
    And what a dissapointment about Yankee magazine. They should isseue an apology in next issue and correct their wrongdoing.
    Hugs from Ohio,

  2. Image credit is just like a byline. Credit should be given where it is due.

  3. I agree, especially when he said he would do it for the credit. Glad your booth worked out well.

  4. Well bugger to the magazine. Bad form. Truly.

    But YAY you for having a good day! srsly.

  5. It's unforgivable that a magazine should omit giving credit for an image used.

    Your photographs are amazing Linda, I hope you sold a lot. x

  6. Yay for you!!! Hope you plan on doing more of these...

    I would think the least they should do is run the photo again with a disclaimer that they regret they omitted the name of the photographer, etc...

  7. What a fun day that must have been for you and I'm so glad that you were able to sell some of your photography work which, by the way, doesn't surprise me in the least, your photographs are so beautiful:-)

    That really sucks about Yankee Magazine not giving David credit for his painting they's actually unforgivable!! Having it "on file" and not crediting his name in print in the magazine is just plain wrong. If I was him, I would demand they do what the previous commenter suggested they do!!

    Apart from that, I have no doubt you enjoyed talking to David, you both share a love of historic places. I'll now go look at the photos you took of Old Home Day:-) xoxo


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