Thursday, September 20, 2012

"Red Sky at Night ..."

... Means tomorrow should be a lovely day to head west to the Lake George region of New York's Adirondack Mountains!

I'm taking Amanda up to visit her friend Darci who is attending Bennington College in Vermont and once I've slowed down enough for her to jump out of the car (kidding, just kidding), Jamie and I are going to continue on towards Lake George. I have long-wanted to see Fort Ticonderoga and this seemed like the perfect opportunity as it's not too far from Vermont.

Turns out that it's also the weekend of the 40th Annual Adirondack Balloon Festival in nearby Glen Falls - how cool is that?? They are expecting over 100 balloons and I'm hoping to get some photos if at all possible. I'd love to go up, up, and away in a beautiful balloon while I'm there but I'm afraid the cost of a ride is too sky-high for me. Someday though I will take a ride, it's on "the list"! And this from a kid who used to be afraid of heights!

I'm hoping for an early start in the morning as Amanda wants to stop at Mount Greylock on our way to Bennington. When we went there last year it was shrouded in clouds and rain so fingers are crossed tonight's red skies really are a sailor's delight tomorrow - and a traveler's delight, too!


  1. How fun. Enjoy your weekend. :)

  2. sounds like a great trip
    have a wonderful time

  3. We had lovely skies the evening of the tornado. Of course, I wasn't anywhere I could get a photo that wasn't full of trees obstructing most of it, but it was still glorious! I hope you had some good luck!

  4. That sounds like a great trip Linda!

  5. I hope you're having a wonderful time:-) How lucky to be there while they're having their balloon festival, I bet you're going to get some awesome shots of them!! I love "LOOKING" at hot air balloons but no way you'd see me get on one! lol xoxo

  6. I sure hope you get to see and capture the balloons! Otherwise I'll have to wait till next summer to try to see them here :)
    Have fun!!
    Hugs from Ohio,


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