Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Suggestions Wanted!

My resident artist has agreed to redesign my blog for me before she toddles off to art college next month but we've run into a bit of a snag in that I haven't been able to come up with an idea for what she should do and neither has she.  Truth be told, I'm actually rather surprised she hasn't suggested a shambling member of the undead with one foot in the grave and the other on a recent victim while changing the blog title to "Are We Dead Yet??" but she's not suggested that at all!

As neither one of us are coming up with anything creative, Amanda thought I should ask my readers for suggestions as to what you think she should do to jazz things up a little around here.  After all, a blog is like living room furniture in that you have to rearrange it every once in awhile before it gets too old and worn and the furniture settles so deep into the carpet that it leaves grooves that will never come out.

So ... what say you?  Suggestions?  Ideas?  Thoughts?


  1. I would cheer it up, seems a little to Edgar Allen Poe from my point of view. "Are we dead yet" not so good......

  2. Let's go for Are We Happy Yet! Can she do happy little clouds? Remember Bob Ross? Nothing says happy like Titanium White!

    Big Hugs =0)

  3. Oh definitely lighter and brighter!

  4. Anonymous9:40 AM EDT

    LOL @ Barb and Bob Ross... Hahahahahhaa!

    whatever is YOU is fine with me.

  5. Anonymous10:10 AM EDT

    I think you should go with a primarily black and white (light and dark) with a small splash of color somewhere.

    I love the blog design now but if you want something different, definitely go with something along the same lines. How about making the blog look like a charcoal sketching? I can definitely see that. Or maybe along the lines of a sepia sketching like the DaVinci early sketchings?

    I love it that Amanda's uniqueness shines through on your blog and DEFINITELY DO NOT change that.

  6. i see something with a cruise ship in it...

    smiles, bee

  7. Definitely not so dead. Lighten up, lady! I know y'all will find a happy medium somewhere in your creative juices.

    Speaking of, I need to change my background again. I love doing that.

    Have a super day. Big hugs, honey...

  8. A lighter background would work for me. The darker backgrounds are hard for me to read. Old age I'm guessing.

    I wouldn't even think about telling Amanda what header to do. She's way too talented for that. I'm sure she's already got something in mind.

    Looking forward to your new look.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

  9. Definitely a cruise ship in it, graveyards, history books, ambulances, you and the kids (in graduation cap and gowns), a camera, Dr Who, Sherlock Holmes and pie and long windy path.

  10. Hey Linda! Have I got a suggestion for you! Picture this: You're the archtypical "Mom" driving the car w/the kids in the back asking the age-old question that has become the title of your rather successful blog...but wait! It's NOT a car, but a horse-drawn wagon/carriage, you & the kids are in 1860's garb (nod to your love of history), a windy road as Claire suggested, some spooky clouds, trees, and rather creepy eyes/partial profiles (highwaymen or ZOMBIES???) surround your pathway, an anachronistic touch would be the camera around your neck (call it artistic license!), and of course there's a set of train tracks you have to cross over. The looks of apprehension on all your faces are mitigated a bit by a glowing light ahead (color/cheer/happy thoughts for all your compadres who requested it). SAFETY!! Are we there yet? Oh, and by the way, the wagon is left open for you to "load" it w/whatever "icons" you & the girls feel reprents you the best! Best of luck, my dispatching friend!

  11. I'm liking Clair and bulldog's suggestions! Whatever Amanda does will be awesome!

  12. First thing that came to mind was something with an illustrated you, camera in one hand, map in the other. Ambulance in the background. The girls, of course and Tesla. I am working with a gal I found online to have mine redone too! Great minds think alike!!

    Lighter and brighter would def. be very nice.

  13. 'Are We Dead Yet'? Sound very much an Amanda-type suggestion.

    We do need you with a camera, plus an army of zombies, with Amanda and Jaime battling them!

  14. I like what Lisa said and what Darlin said about being able to read it.

    But I really like the idea of zombies moving in on you while you take pictures of you going 80 + miles an hour away from them!

  15. a picture of your car.....since you're always heading places to blog about....but I'd put your car travelling across a railroad bridge.....a loong one...gives a whole new twist to "are we there yet???????" tee hee hee.

    I have challenged you to a duel of the highest linky importance.

  16. The camera is a given. It's a great pic. I like your earthy tones here, maybe a tad lighter would be easier on the eyes. I'm sure Amanda will do a creative mix we'll all enjoy.

  17. I definitely think you should feature your photography. And maybe some bright color.


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