Saturday, August 27, 2011

Caption This

While we're waiting for Hurricane Irene to blow up the coast and wreak all kinds of havoc and destruction, I thought I'd take just a moment out of preparations and plans to post one of the pictures from my July trip to Canada and see if you guys can come up with a good caption or two for it as a laugh and a smile is going to be greatly appreciated as things get progressively worse around here. My own caption obviously appears below!

So I says to the guy I was dancing with ... 
And on a more serious thought, I send out best wishes and good thoughts to all who are in the path of Irene.  If this thing goes as they fear, there's a good chance I'm not going to have power for at least several days once she makes landfall here in Connecticut but I will do my best to try to stay updated via cell phone if possible.  Luckily there's a generator at work so I should at least be able to keep my phone charged but who knows if AT&T cell service will stay up and running or not. Hopefully it does but if not, I'll update when I can.

See you on the other side and now, let's see who's funny bone is working!


  1. I stink at captioning, but I immediately thought of the AFLAC commercial when the Duck says "AFLAC" and then the pigeon says, "Major Medical". So maybe this one is saying, "Medicare, baby!"

    See? I stink. srsly.

    I do want to say I hope Irene is far less impressive than they've been predicting. Funny thing is that I am more worried about the hurricane effecting my family and friends than I ever was when it was me experiencing one/them.

  2. what about it irene? want to go for a drink?

    smiles, bee

  3. "Watch that beak, buddy!"

    Have a great day. Big hugs, honey...

  4. Anonymous8:35 AM EDT

    I'm suddenly reminded of Red Skelton and his Gertude and Heathcliff routine... LOL!

  5. So, you come here often??

  6. Hey wanna go for a walk, look for some bugs or something?

  7. I stink at captioning too. Seriously stink.

    I hope things are far less in your area than predicted. It appears for the most part that it's not as big a storm as feared, but there are still lots of damange.

    Have a terrific day and stay safe. :)

  8. Hey Moe, check out the tail feathers on that one!!!

    Ya, I know, I stink too at captions! lol xoxo


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