Friday, December 10, 2010

Five on Friday - The Christmas Version, Part Two

"It's that time of year when the world falls in love,
Every song you hear seems to say
Merry Christmas, may your New Year dreams come true."

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  1. O Christmas Tree kicks off every other Christmas song for me... and I play that CD many, many times.

    Big, warm hugs :]

  2. Anonymous8:20 AM EST

    now you've really put me in the Christmas spirit. I'm off to watch Charlie Brown :)

  3. Charlie Brown rocks! I so love Christmas music. The middle school/high school band concert last night kicked my musical spirit up a notch or two.

    Big Friday hugs, honey...

  4. That was a nice bit of the season and Mel Torme's "Christmas Song" has always been one of my favorites.

  5. Frankie's Christmas Waltz is my absolute favorite Christmas song - I adore everything about it. The sentiment, his voice, everything.

    And of course the Charlie Brown piece, and Faith Hill's Where Are You Christmas? Loved this set, Linda!

  6. I'm listening to Kenny G. Love it. Christmas is such a wonderful time of year.

    Have a terrific day and Merry Christmas. Big hugs. Seventy-Nine days until cruise time. :)

  7. I love Christmas songs and am disappointed that I can't get them on my blog anymore because of licensing restrictions. :(

    Love your choices Linda. x

  8. A little jazzy, a little country, and a little it!


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