Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Product That Doesn't Stink ... Rather Quite the Opposite!

Can I just say that I have a sensitive nose?  I have always had a sensitive nose which is both a blessing and a curse:  A blessing when I walk into the local grocery store and they've just taken the day's batch of fresh, hot Italian bread out of the oven - a smell that can make your mouth water in seconds flat!   A curse when I find myself crammed into a car with a bunch of faux zombies on their way back from a zombie walk - have you ever gotten a whiff of the sweaty shambling undead after they've lurched their way around town for several hours?  Not good let me tell you!

Recently I came across a product that I can only say that I wish I had with me after Amanda's last zombie walk down in Asbury Park, New Jersey where we were lucky to find a bathroom where she could wash off a bit of the make-up, fake blood, and accumulated sweat from the day before climbing into the car to make the 4-hour drive back to Connecticut.  Even though she tried, the kid still had a lingering smell of what Vincent Price called  "the funk of forty thousand years" but it was the best we could do at the time.  Now, if she'd had QwikShower Gym Class Wipes with her, it would have been a lot easier to take care of all of that funk and made the ride back to Connecticut a lot more pleasant but alas, I didn't know about QwikShower back then!

If you haven't heard of them, I've got to say that these wipes are seriously cool and probably the next best thing since unlimited texting when it comes to teenagers!  Developed by Harvey Metro, a father of three boys who grew tired of having his own olfactory senses assaulted after his three sons would pile into his vehicle along with a good number of their friends after sports practice, QwikShower wipes are large, moist, single-use disposable cloths with a subtle “teenager-approved” scent that were designed to offer an easy, convenient and economical way to help kids get clean and eliminate embarrassing grime and body odor - without the time it takes for a shower or the potential embarrassment of showering in front of one's peers (come on now, I'm sure we all remember gym class no matter how long ago it may or may not have been!)

I was recently sent a free sample of these amazing wipes and  I was going to have Jamie give them a try for me but that kid takes more showers than several people put together so instead I had Amanda give it a go up at Montserrat and waited for her to come back with a verdict. With seven housemates to share two bathrooms with, I had the feeling that she wasn't hitting the shower anywhere near as often as her sister was and I was right. The verdict came back as two thumbs up for convenience and effectiveness both along with a request to "send more!" So, guess what Amanda might just find in her stocking here in a couple of weeks? And perhaps she'll even save a few for her next zombie walk!

Disclaimer: I received free samples of QwikShower Gym Class Wipes to try out with my family. No compensation was received other than the free product and all opinions are my own - or Amanda's!  If you'd like more information about QwikShower Wipes visit


  1. These come along when all the kids are grown and out of the house. I could have used them a few times:)

    Stay warm. Big hugs, honey...

  2. Anonymous7:55 AM EST

    Good to know. Might be a good item to put in our emergency kits!

  3. These are great for boating and camping too. Excellent product.

    Note to self...Shower often when on our upcoming cruise. Don't want to offend Linda. Bwahahahahaha.

    Have a terrific day Linda. Big hug. :)

  4. I have such a sensitive nose that MWM says I have a permanent smell up it! LOL

  5. Where were these when I was growing up? Had 5 brothers; really could have used them


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