Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Long-Awaited Vacation, Part Eight

Summer Ale CapExactly one month ago on Wednesday evening, March 2nd, our ship got ready to head out of Saint Thomas en route to our next port of call at San Juan. Barb and I were rather hungry after our "what the hell" of a day on the island so just before six o'clock I made my way aft to our assigned dining room where I joined the hungry crowd waiting outside of the still-closed doors. See? I wasn't kidding about there being a lot of people on the ship despite what most of my other pictures have shown so far!

Dinner Crowd

Before I get to the rest of the pictures in this post, allow me to tell you right up front that they aren't very good as I was shooting on low level lighting without a flash as I was trying to take some pictures and not disturb people in the process.  As such there is a lot of blur and the exposure isn't all that great but I think you'll forgive me just this one time, right? 

Myself & Barb at Dinner

This picture of Barb and I was obviously not taken by myself hence the lighting is good and there's no blur - thanks, Zane!  I think Barb was telling me something about her drink or I was telling her that "what the hell" was no longer an acceptable answer - I forget which! 


Miss Bee will need to correct me if I'm wrong but I think this was Lobster Bisque which was a'ight but not the best I've had (that honor goes to my boss, Matt, who makes one mighty fine Lobster Bisque!)  There were some very tasty soups on the Glory but this wasn't really one of 'em though it is the only I have a picture of!


A shot of Sandy who is a true Georgia Peach if I've ever met one.  I can't think of enough nice words to say about this lovely lady or her husband ... 


... and her own personal Maytag Man, Dick, who was giving me the Evil Eye for pointing the camera in his direction! 

Bee, Charlie, Sandee

Sandee, Sarge Charlie, and Miss Bee.  Oh, and that cute guy in the back?  One of our waiters who did a fantastic job.  Honestly, for customer service I will say that you cannot beat a cruise ship! 


My entree for the evening - obviously some sort of fish but again I don't remember what kind! Heck, it's been a month since I had this meal and I generally can't remember what I had the day before! 

Dick, Sandy, & Zane

Another shot of Dick and Sandy and a partial shot of Zane. 

Zane, Miguel, & Sandee

Sandee and Zane with our head waiter, Miguel, who was a very nice man as well as most courteous and conscientious.  There's just something about being called "Miss" at my age that I rather like!  

Sarge Tackles His Fried Chicken

Sarge Charlie was obviously hungry, too, as he tucked into his Southern Fried Chicken.  I had that one other night and it was very good so I don't blame him in the least!


This dessert was highly recommended by Miss Bee but again I can't for the life of me remember the name of it but I bet she does!  You made a hole with your spoon in the center and then the waiter poured cream in the middle - delicious!  Almost as good as the Grand Marnier Souffle I had one our last night which was in my opinion the best dessert of the whole cruise! I could really go for one right now but alas there is none in sight!

Blue Starboard Deck

Partially through dinner I noticed that we didn't really seem to be moving though we were due to have pushed off already.  Turns out that there was some sort of problem with the propellor and we hadn't even left the dock in Saint Thomas yet so following dinner Barb and I made our way to my favorite deck to enjoy the evening air and watch our departure. 

St Thomas at Night

A night view of Saint Thomas and the tramway that Barb and I should have taken rather than the tour that we did.  Ah well - what the hell - live and learn, right? 

Night Preserver

The blue lights on the deck made this orange life preserver look like it was actually purple! 


Finally we started to push away from the dock and make our way towards Puerto Rico. 

Watching St Thomas Fade Away

Hey!  Who were all these other people out on my deck??  I guess Barb and I weren't the only ones who wanted to watch as we left Saint Thomas. 

The Lit Hills of Saint Thomas

I really should have had my tripod with me if I was going to try to do some night photography but I propped my camera on the railing and hoped for the best.  This one isn't too bad I reckon. 

Help Getting Out of Saint Thomas

A small boat came out to give our ship a nudge and a little help putting us on our way before heading back to shore. And yes, I had to hang part way over the railing to get this shot but thankfully neither I nor my Nikon ended up in the drink!  If we had, somebody else would be writing this post with different pictures!

Superstar Live

Once we were away from the lights of the island, Barb and I took a walk down to the aft section of Deck 5 where some of the nightclubs/bars were located. Superstar Live, which is basically karoake with a live band and back-up singers, was going on so we decided to take a seat and watch for awhile. I believe the gentleman singing above was named Larry and boy, did he like to sing.  He'd finish one song and a couple others later he'd be right back up there again!  He was a decent singer but his enthusiasm was better than his voice.  Still, I give him major points for getting up and singing in front of strangers - major points! 

The Twilight Zone

Being that we were in a nightclub I did what any good cruiser would do and ordered a drink.  This rather colorful combination is called The Twilight Zone which is made up of Midori, Appleton Estate Rum, Blue Curacao, coconut cream, and crushed pineapple.  Let me just say that it was very, very tasty and probably added to my good night's sleep!

Superstar Live 2

I don't remember this gal's name but she was really, really good.  Unfortunately she only did one song which is really too bad as I'd have liked to hear her sing a couple others.  I think Larry jumped back on the stage after her! At that point Barb and I decided to call it a night as we would be in Puerto Rico early the next morning and it was a port that we were both looking forward to so we wanted to make sure we'd be ready to head out bright and early to explore what turned out to be the favorite port for both of us.


  1. Anonymous8:45 AM EDT

    I like your blue paisley top in the the dinner shot. Very pretty! That Twilight zone drink sounds yummy... That dessert, if I am correct is bitter and blanc. I haven't had it, but it looks absolutely to die for!

    Be thankful that tug was helping u out and not filled with somali pirates... LOL... but if I were with ya, I could have said hello to the pirates because I know a few somali greetings. (-:

  2. Beautiful evening shots there, Linda

  3. Great pics, looks like you had a lot of fun! I know my folks go on a lot of cruises, about 2 a year and they been doing it for like 15 or 20 yrs so it must be pretty cool. Never been on one myself and I don't have any real desire to go, it just doesn't appeal to me. Maybe because I used to work offshore and would be at sea on different jobs for months at a time. I loved being at sea for short periods but after a couple months it would get seriously old and I was over it lol.

  4. first of all i LOVE that shot of sarge eating chicken. can i steal it please? next the dessert is bitter and blanc. invented by the previous carnival head chef jorge blanc. it's my favorite carnival dessert of all. i think you are right about the soup although being allergic to lobster i never eat it. the duck said the lobster bisque in the steakhouse was great, different from the one in the dining room.

    smiles, bee

  5. I knew Miss Bee would know what dessert that was. Not a doubt in my mind whatsoever.

    What great shots. I so enjoyed that trip. So much so that we booking the 15 night Hawaii cruise on the Spirit. Planning that one. Then a couple of boat neighbors want to go to Alaska so I'm going to work on that.

    Have a terrific day Linda. Big hug. :)

  6. That lovely dessert would be worth the cruise by itself. You know me and any form of bread pudding/custard.

  7. I manage to get a goofy look on my face in a lotta photos! We thank you kindly for your nice words...and great photos. Always enjoy them.

    The lobster bisque was only OK. What I had locally yesterday was MUCH better. Just sayin'. That bitter and blanc ROCKS. I'd love a bowl right now.

    Big hugs from chilly but sunny GA...

  8. I also loved the bitter and blanc! And the company and the whole cruise! The Karaoke? Not near as much as the piano bar!

    Oh, 15 days to Hawaii? And then Alaska? Sounds like Heaven, Sandee!

    I love the blue light shots of Deck 3! My camera does not pick up that light.

    Miguel was an amazing head waiter and I am very much enjoying my wine key that he presented me with on our last night. In fact, I used it again just the other night! It's probably going to be my favorite memento from the cruise, for sure!

    Big hugs :]

  9. The photos are good Linda, especially those taken outside of the sailaway. I love the top you're wearing in the second pic. :)

  10. I was thinking, too, of how much I like your top! I love the night photos. There's such a wonderful "tint" to them. Tint isn't the word I'm looking for but it creates a really cool atmospheric look.
    ~When I was about 16, my mom and dad took me and my little brother out on a yacht at night, when the moon was shining on the water. It was a "touristy" thing in Newport Beach. I don't believe in mystical stuff, but when we scheduled our Hawai'i trips, we always went during the full moon. There's just something about the movement of the water with moonlight. Sometimes I think I'm more at home in/on water than on the land. I've really enjoyed these pictures. But, then again, you don't disappoint!

  11. That picture of Sarge Charlie had me cracking up! hehe Oh Linda, all of your pictures made me ooh and aah and wishing I'd been there on that cruise. It all looked like so much fun and trying out the various foods and drinks would have been a bonus!! lol It really did all look amazing. xoxo

  12. You look SO pretty in the picture of you and Barb-I love the shirt!!


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