Monday, April 16, 2012

The Weekend in Review - Kinda, Sorta!

Whoa ... I haven't put up a new post over here in ages ... look at all of those cobwebs!  I guess it just goes to show how much more relaxed I am about blogging than I was when I first started and simply HAD to have a new post up everyday.  Of course back then I also used to be part of the Norwich Bulletin blogs but they have long since dumped me in favor of blogs written by their own staff members which never get any comments that I can see.  Oh well ... their loss!

Anyway, if you're wondering what I've been up to that I haven't had any time to do a new blog post in quite some time, it's been basically just a busy week and a half between work, battling a combination cold/allergy/mild flu, editing wedding pictures, and spending the last four days up in the Salem, Massachusetts area working on a project with the Hawthorne Hotel that requires me to go visit historic places and take lots of pictures - oh darn the luck on that last one, huh??

I just got home a couple of hours ago from what was a great weekend that started out with me being invited to attend a Press Preview Event at the Peabody Essex Museum on Thursday evening (you can read about that over at The Distracted Wanderer) before spending most of Friday exploring the Town of Rockport on the tip of Cape Ann and then catching some of Salem's 375th First Muster on Saturday prior to heading down to the Minute Man National Historic Park in Lexington and Concord to join in with hundreds of other people as they celebrated Patriots Day Weekend.  On Sunday I went back out to Rockport to explore Halibut Point State Park which I had missed on Friday and then today I swung back by the Old North Bridge in Concord to get some additional photos at the bridge and State Park Visitors Center before making the drive home in record heat.  Whew!

In between all of that, I was staying at the home of Walter and Juli, friends in Salem who are two of the most gracious folks ever, who provided me with a comfortable room, unlimited internet access, some of the best food that I ever eaten including a German dish made with pinkelwurst which was absolutely delicious, several adult beverages that made the visit even that much more enjoyable, and phenomenal company.  Really now, is it any wonder I love going to the North Shore??

Needless to say, I have lots and lots of pictures to cull through and history to research but I also have to go back to work tomorrow to start making up for the extra time I just took off. Rats! Ah well, all good things must come to an end, right?  In the meantime though, here are some images from this past weekend which was a lot of fun even if I am plum' wore out and am planning on an early bedtime tonight!  Maybe one or two of the pictures below will have you thinking about spending some time in Massachusetts soon yourself!

The bar in the Tavern at the Hawthorne Hotel with its new bar stools that are about as comfortable as you can get - the perfect place to sit and enjoy one of their Cocktails of the Week! 
My "official name tag" from Thursday evening's Press Preview at the PEM.  The young man who handed it to me really made my night when he said that he reads my blog and thinks it's wonderful.  Sweet! 
I took this shot from the windows in the East India Marine Hall at the PEM while waiting for the  press event to start and decided I quite liked the lighting. 
Friday found me in Rockport on a gorgeous day so I just had to snap a few images of Motif #1 like any good tourist would! 
This house in Rockport really caught my eye not just for the color but also for its architectural features,  I'd love to live in one just like it someday! 
Part of the parade heading onto the Common at Salem's 375th First Muster on Saturday morning.
Don't these two bikes look great?!?  Loved 'em! 
Later in the day I was in Lexington where I thought I had stepped onto the set of "The Patriot"! 
I know I'm an American but I have to admit, the British uniforms are so much cooler than the Colonials! 
Back out on Cape Ann I snapped this shot in Gloucester near Wharf #7 and the Gloucester House where I had lunch - fried shrimp to be exact and it was quite good! 
A visitor to Halibut Point State Park apparently decided that the sign didn't apply to him but I guess I can't fault him for wanting to sit and enjoy the gorgeous view of the Atlantic. 
There's just something about a lone seagull circling through the sky.
This is an old granite quarry at Halibut Point State Park and it was quite beautiful and amazing, too. 
Back in Concord on Monday I took a quick shot of the Old North Bridge and  some of its visitors.
This chandelier is inside the National Park Visitors Center at the Old North Bridge.
And finally, just a reminder that even though it was over 95 degrees today, it's still Spring and some of the plants are just starting to bud - honest! 


  1. Glad you had a fabulous time. You'll find me out on that water in one of those boats. Now that's the way to spend a weekend.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  2. You are the busiest person I know! Nap time? Ms. Bee & I need naps :) I'm glad you had a great time!
    Hugs from ohio,

  3. honey those photographs are SERIOUSLY amazing. no kidding.

    smiles, bee

    1. Thank you so much, Miss Bee, I totally credit the lens that I was renting for the week - it's a beautiful piece of glass!

  4. Gosh! Where to begin... I loved them all, of course! But I srsly LOVE the last shot a bunch! Very inviting! You're using the 50mm lens, right? Lovely DOF.

    And I'm completely and utterly consumed with jealousy that you ate at the Gloucester House and I wasn't there! Their fried scallops are the best I've ever had! OMG. I can't wait to eat there again this summer!

    The bar stools are exactly what I want one day when I have the kitchen and kitchen island that I have inside my head! Cushy on the tushy!

    Wonderful job, as always! I can't wait to see where you're taking us on the cruise ports!

    Oh, I was talking to my brother Paul last night and while in Portland he wants to take us to lunch. Or something.

  5. Wonderful photos as always Linda. It would be wonderful if you could secure a job that paid you well to do what you do best - write and photograph. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. x

  6. You need one of those lenses... Amazing photos! Just love the colors and scenery in your post.

  7. these are some really beautiful shots Linda
    I love the blue house!!

    you have a press pass! how cool are you
    I love that all these fun things are happening because of your good work

  8. I just went for my first visit to Rockport and took a photo of the same little red building.

    Great blog, love it!


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