Thursday, October 26, 2006

"We do not remember days; we remember moments." ~ Cesare Pavese

We all get them - those little quizzes in our email that are designed to give us a chance to show how well we know each other - or don't, whichever the case may be. I rather enjoy these little quizzes not necessarily to see how well someone does or doesn't know me but because I like to see what memories stand out the most to them. It matters not if they can remember the names of my siblings, the color of my eyes, my middle name, or the place of my birth. Those things are pretty inconsequential as far as I'm concerned.

I sent one such quiz to my friend Cyndi awhile back and in her usual it-takes-forever-for-me-to-get-to-it style she recently sent it back. In reading some of her answers, though, I have to say that it was well worth the wait - well, I wasn't really waiting as I had forgotten I sent it to her but you know what I mean! As always, her answers brought back some pretty great memories of times gone by and I thought perhaps I would share a few of her answers here as a way to let my readers know me just a little better ... well, sort of ... at least from Cyndi's perspective!

What is the best feature about me?: Your genuine humanity, followed closely by your incredible sense of humor. I also appreciate your understanding and tolerance of my eternal procrastination.

Am I a rebel or do I follow the rules?: You follow the rules. Exhaustively. You would follow the rules down I-95 clear to Key West on a 100 degree summer day, even if the rules were riding a Greyhound with a malfunctioning carburetor spewing fumes everywhere and you were driving the car behind sucking all that in through the air conditioning. You are the Obi Wan of Rule Following. You have only one ongoing and completely laudable exception: You have the ability to chuck the rulebook and make everything up on the fly when a critical situation can't be resolved within existing rules. God knows a dispatcher must be able to do that or they can't hack the job. Clearly you do fine in that area. The ability to do this is the only thing that holds you back from making Yoda in this area (Jeff gets that, although he is getting better as he gets older). I only know of six times you have broken rules outside the dispatcher's exemption, which makes you a great deal better behaved than most people. Details on request.

Any special talents?: You are the world's greatest natural dispatcher & you make killer cheesecake. You also write better than I do -- Curse the Irish Storyteller in me that keeps me from 1. going straight to the point & 2. taking the time to spell check stuff -- Heaven knows I spell well but me fat fingers tend to create some pretty unbelievable typos.

What's your favorite memory of me?:
Halloween night 1986 on the desk. Wow, did we kick ass or what? Five shootings, three of which were fatal, four armed robberies, any number of strong-arm robberies, Multiple TA's including two fatalities, a two-alarm fire requiring crowd/traffic control, and a swat call-out for some darned thing that currently escapes my memory. All added to the usual fun & frolic in Tuleburg. I think we switched back and forth between working critical incidents on one side and holding down the entire city on the other so often that we wore out the 900 beeper. We had so much fun ... and so did our officers -- amazing. That runs a close second to the fact that you attended my son's wedding and even tolerated my brother's somewhat cynical chatter despite nursing a severely broken heart.

In addition to the above, Cyndi also managed to get all of my names right (married - divorced - married again, etc!), was able to name all three of my brothers, knows what types of music I listen to, and knows that I enjoy reading intriguing books and watching sappy chick flicks. She doesn't, however, remember my eye color but that can be forgiven as I don't remember hers either! And there was one more rather critical thing she missed - she said we met in 1985 but that's not true, I have known this incredible woman since October of 1984 and meeting her was one of the greatest blessings of my life. She has been a true friend in both good times and bad times and even though we haven't seen each other in over three years and are separated by over 3,000 miles our friendship remains solid and strong.

Now if I could just talk her husband into letting her come out for a visit so we could take Paula up on her offer to buy margaritas while we exhange dispatch "war stories" and add to our collection of memories. Come on, Jeff, please? Pretty please??


  1. Anonymous12:13 AM EDT

    Wow. I'm speechless. Typeless even. Thank you!

    I'd sign off with all of MY names, but that would kill the effect of seeing a short post with my name on it

  2. Anonymous12:24 AM EDT

    Cyndi who?

    The plea has been redirected to the appropriate party, but he's still talking about Amtracking up to Reno. I tried to scare him with scenarios like blizzards, snow tunnels and claustrophobia, but I think he's wise to the evil game. The margarita might have to yield to Tom & Jerrys or some such.

    DID TOO GET YOUR EYES RIGHT--if you read the thing carefully, it says that hazel is an all-purpose answer because everyone's eye color is included in the appearance of hazel eyes at one point or another. HA!

  3. Anonymous6:47 AM EDT

    Pennywise can named your brothers too. Moe, Larry, and Curly.

  4. Anonymous7:47 AM EDT

    Cyndi, you have to come out because I, too, am dying to meet you.

    Linda, I think I may have to give Cyndi my e-mail address so she can send me the "details upon request". However, I am pretty sure I am aquainted with the details of one such event. Doesn't that one such something now reside somewhere in Cyndi's residence?????

  5. Sorry, Cyndi, I'm not letting you off the hook on my eye color. They are green - green with gold and one of my better physical features (just ask Rhonda on that one!). They have never been hazel - bloodshot, red from too much crying, and clouded over on occasion - but they have never been hazel!

    And, Jen, I believe you know of at least two of those six occasions that Cyndi refers to - there wouldn't have been the one without the other!

    And Pennywise is partially right - my brothers have acted like stooges on more than one occasion!

  6. Linda, I really liked this blog. Funny thing is, I saw the exact same quote hanging on a banner in either a pt's room, or in a hallway @ a SNF. Your relationship with Cyndi sounds like mine with my oldest buddy, Steve M. He and I also have been friends for over 20yrs, and have had our share of interesting adventures which ensure that we'd never achieve political office, nor jobs that require too extensive of a background check - heeheehee!! I agree with Jen, I'd also like to meet Cyndi - just because I have a feeling she'd be one of the single most fascinating people I'd have the pleasure of meeting. Don't worry, Linda, I'd never ask Cyndi for "Details on request" - out of respect for you as a friend...and self preservation! Besides, I think I'd be too afraid to know.

  7. I am really looking forward to meeting y'all too! I'll keep working on it with The Boss...

    Sooo Jen--ya think one of Linda's little transgressions is hanging out in my house, eh? I'm crushed. I'd never allow such a thing. Now, it MIGHT be somewhere on the property, homeless & hungry. Camped under a tree, perhaps. If so. it must have hitchhiked here on it's own, although it's so ugly it must have had to work overtime on picking up those rides. Anyone possessing powers of warrant or subpoena understands how that goes...

    Linda's trail of breadcrumbs is right; you can't know about #1 unless you have the straight dope (sorry Linda) on #2.

    That leaves four tidbits, a couple of which could neither be waterboarded or shotgunned out of me by Dick Cheney himself (although if he threatened to kiss me I'd sing like K-Fed--loud & badly). One thing that might work: Rumors persist that tequila shots have caused me to say/do some pretty odd things. As Linda witnessed a couple of those, I'd best shut up now.

    AND DARN IT, you stubborn (but appreciated!) brat--my eyes are green with gold flecks too--when they aren't blue with grey flecks, or an interesting combo of catly yellow with brown. The point here is that no matter what color your eyes are, they are at least partially hazel, as the color of all eyes end up in the truly hazel eye. I;m right, right, right...and I'm so perfect that the 85 vs 84 thing was just a typo. WAHHHHHHHH!

  8. Let me just reiterate ONCE again that my eyes are not, and never have been, hazel! End of story. No more discussion!


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