Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Venturing Out on Vacation, Part Six: The Conway Scenic Railroad, North Conway to Bretton Woods

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  1. What a great scenic trip. I would love to do that. How fun.

    I really liked the picture of you. Looks just like you. Just saying.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

  2. WOW Linda you got some fabulous shots despite the weather, well done you!

    MWM did something really exciting today, to do with trains,for his birthday and I'm letting him guest post for me tomorrow regarding it.

  3. It may have rained, but the shots are still gorgeous!

    Hey... you cut your hair?

    Big hugs :]

  4. Anonymous1:37 PM EDT

    I love the photos. I'll bet Jaime is so happy that she is going on all of these neat expeditions. She's had a full life since moving there! Have a great day, Linda.

  5. Anonymous1:41 PM EDT

    I love those kind of train rides. Hank and I did one a couple of years ago and it was fun. Lots to see. Even grayed out fall colors are fall colors...

  6. The train is a great one for taking scenic shots. Beautiful.

  7. I loved this train trip. Beautiful country. And you hair looks great! Seriously.

    Glad you gals had fun. Big hugs, honey...

  8. First of all I want to say I love your new "do!" Very flattering!
    Now, to the fall photos........I think I'm defining myself. I finally am understanding why I have always hated fall - besides the stuff dying all around me - we don't have a fall! It just goes from summer dusty, dry to winter dead. Looking at these pictures makes me want to be there and revel in the color, smells, and sights of it!!! It is so beautiful. And I like it especially in the rain. If you post that third photo for sale, please let me know (the third one from the top, part 6).

  9. WOW again!! These are great shots. My goodness, each photo is better than the last. What camera do you use? I just love the changing leaves.


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