Sunday, March 20, 2011

Full Moon With a 100% Chance of Clouds

Clouds at Avery Point
In the hopes of maybe finally getting some decent photos of the moon being that we were supposed to be witnessing the biggest one in almost 20 years, Amanda and I drove down to the coastal campus of the University of Connecticut at Avery Point in Groton yesterday evening.  It was my hope that I'd be able to catch a few shots of the moon coming up on the horizon over the Long Island Sound. Unfortunately, we may have been expecting a "super moon" but it appeared that the "super clouds" were going to thwart its much-touted appearance as that's exactly what I found on the eastern horizon - some pretty dark clouds.

Darn the luck but oh hey ... look! There were other things that I could take pictures of whilst I was darned near freezing down where the mouth of the Thames River meets the Long Island Sound. Not to sound like a total wimp who recently came back from a Caribbean vacation but it was kinda chilly and there was a stiff breeze blowing to make it feel even colder. I had an extra jacket but have yet to master taking pictures with gloves on and they were definitely called for! Oh well ... on to the pictures ...

Avery Point College Obelisk

The above is obviously some sort of an obelisk. I've yet to find out exactly what it is and why it's there as I've only been able to do scant research due to time constraints but trust me, I'll find out and let you know at a future date unless someone would like to enlighten me via a comment which I'd be more than happy to let you do!

Avery Point Lighthouse

This is Avery Point Light which was the last lighthouse to be built in Connecticut. Completed in 1943 during World War II, it was not lighted right away due to concerns about possible enemy invasions by sea. It finally went into service on May 2, 1944 with an unusual lighting characteristic which consisted of eight 200-watt bulbs showing a fixed white light at 55 feet above sea level. The light was later changed to a flashing green characteristic.

Avery Point Light

Located on the grounds at Avery Point on the east side of the Thames River entrance in Groton, the lighthouse still is an active aid for navigation after undergoing extensive restoration in 2005-2006. Avery Point was originally named for an early settler to the area named Captain James Avery and for a long time the 73-acre site served as the huge estate of a wealthy industrialist named Morton F. Plant. Plant died in 1918 and in 1942 the land was sold to the state of Connecticut which in turn handed it over to the Coast Guard. From 1942 to 1967 it was the site of the United States Coast Guard Training Center before it was returned to the State of Connecticut in 1969 and became part of the University of Connecticut at Avery Point campus.

Clouds over Long Island Sound

This was the view across the Long Island Sound from Avery Point yesterday evening.  I do love clouds! 

Sunset on the Thames

And this was the view across the Thames River to New London as the sun began to set. I do love a nice sunset, too!

Ledge Light in Long Island Sound

From Avery Point I could get a pretty good view of Ledge Light - another lighthouse with a very interesting history that I'll have to tell you about some day.

Sunset Across from Avery Point

Another view of the setting sun across the Thames.

Brick Path at Avery Point

No amount of wishful thinking was going to get those clouds to clear out before the moon came up but the dark clouds with a pink tinge made for a lovely landscape background.

Avery Point Light

I have to admit that it was pretty in spite of not being able to see anything on the horizon other than Pine Island and clouds! Pretty enough to definitely warrant a return trip at some point!

Avery Point Sculpture

Walking back to the car I snapped this quick picture of one of the pieces of sculpture that is displayed on the campus.  I'm not really sure I get it but then again, I never seem to quite "get" modern art! Way in the distance you can just barely make out New London Light and that I do get! 

Giving up on getting any sort of lunar pictures on the coast, Amanda and I drove back to Norwich where the "super moon" was just about to rise over the top of Laurel Hill so I met family friend Amy up near the parking lot where we work and managed to take a few pictures that just go to prove without a doubt that I really, really need to work on proper lunar photography as these pictures basically suck! 

The Moon ... Sort Of!

The Moon or a Lightbulb - You Decide!

Oh well, there's always next month provided the clouds cooperate and even though it won't be a "super moon", there will always be another full moon. Maybe by then I can figure out what settings I really want my camera on! Or not ...


  1. When you figure out the night mode settings you will truly be a "luna-tic."

    Love the pix: the lighthouses, clouds, sunset, water. Very calming.
    The brick walk really leads the eye into the photo. "Follow the red brick road."

  2. Is that graffiti all over the obelisk? For shame, college students.

  3. My night mode on the camera didn't work at all last night but the clouds finally moved away to get some very interesting shots. Not great photography but well worth the time.
    Check out my FB feed from last night if you will.

    Clouds or no clouds your photos never "suck"....I beg to differ. Great post.

  4. agree with mimi, your shots never suck!

    smiles, bee

  5. We had clouds, too. I love the shots you got from the shore though!! And ditto all the above, your shots never suck. Moons are really hard. Its counter intuitive but you actually have to speed up your shutter, and definitely need a tripod.

  6. Great photos again. Dick has lots of memories of "rotten Groten" from his Coast Guard days. It is beautiful.

    Enjoy your day. Big hugs, honey...

  7. Moon schmoon. The light is absolutely fabulous in those first shots! And those setting sun shots are simply gorgeous. I don't have an 'as far as the eye can see' view like that anywhere near me.

    As you may have heard... my supermoon incident kept me far to busy to even see the moon let alone photograph it and also nixed my race plans the following day. Home ownership sucks this year!

  8. The super moon looks ...err...super

  9. I didn't see any super moon either.


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