Friday, June 15, 2012

Introducing "Travels With Nathaniel" - One of the Reasons I Spend So Much Time in Salem Lately Other Than I Love It Up There!

Most of you have probably noticed that I seem to wander up to Salem, Massachusetts on a pretty frequent basis lately - even more so than I did when Amanda was briefly attending college in Beverly at the Montserrat College of Art.  There's been good reason for that other than the fact that I really love it up there and have made some wonderful friends in Salem with whom I enjoy spending time with as often as possible; I've been working on a project for the Hawthorne Hotel and I'm happy to say that today that project has been launched.

I am pleased and even a bit nervous to introduce Travels With Nathaniel - a travel blog that I am writing in conjunction with the Hawthorne Hotel which will provide guests of the hotel with information and ideas on historic places to visit as possible day trips from the hotel.  As a member of Historic Hotels of America, the Hawthorne feels that it's important to give their guests the opportunity to visit more of the history that's located nearby - and not just in Salem itself - and this new blog will hopefully help them to do that.

When I was first approached by the hotel this past winter about taking on this project I had no hesitation at all in saying something along the lines of "Heck, yeah!"  I mean, really, this is like a dream come true in that I get to search out history and then write about it and share it with others (hmmm, sound at all familiar??) but this time I'll have a wider audience.  Add on the fact that the Hawthorne plans to eventually take the posts and turn them into a book and how could I say 'no'?  The thought never even crossed my mind!

This isn't a project that will go on forever as we have a list of places that I am working off of but in the meantime, yes, it takes up a lot of time that I might have used otherwise writing posts here or at The Distracted Wanderer but that's perfectly okay by me as I am totally loving working on this new project.  I've found some absolutely wonderful places to visit and learned so much interesting history along the way while putting the Nikon through its paces and I wouldn't trade that for anything!   Add on the fact that my traveling companion - little Nathaniel up there - has made my wanderings even more interesting and fun as people stop and ask me what on earth I'm doing when photographing him (generally at arm's length it seems); when I explain it to them they have all, without a single exception, said "What fun!" and "What a great idea!" and I can't help but agree as what a terrific way to bring history to people. And you all know how much I love history!

I want to also take the time here to say thank you to my friend Claire -aka The Doodologist - who has been a great source of inspiration and encouragement as I've been putting this new blog together, and to Juli and Kristie of the Hawthorne without whom there would even be a project and who have provided me with everything I need to get it going - especially the fact that they believe in me and trust me to do this project right.  Ladies, you are all wonderful!

So, if you get the chance, pop on over to Travels With Nathaniel and tell me what you think. We'll be publishing a new travel post each Monday and Friday and even if you aren't a guest of the Hawthorne Hotel, I hope that there will be some interesting history that you'll like so much that maybe - just maybe - you'll be inspired enough to eventually BE a guest of the Hawthorne Hotel so you can see some of the great things I've seen in one of the most history-rich areas of the country.

In the meantime, I'm busy but I'm definitely lovin' it!


  1. Hey no thanks needed, but thanks all the same! It has been a pleasure to bounce ideas around and get a few advanced previews of the blog. I love all your distracted wanderings and it is so cool to see them used in such a cool way. Really looking forward to seeing what other people think of the idea.

  2. Way cool Linda. I'm not surprised either. It just seems a natural thing to do as you've been visiting so often.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  3. Way cool. srsly. WAY. And The Hawthorne and Juli are lucky to have your talents.

    Who made the voodoo version of Nathaniel? Inquiring minds...

  4. Right up your alley! Could no be more happy for you :) Grinning! Will pop over shortly!

  5. Outstanding! I always thought you'd find a way to combine your passions for writing, history, travel, and photography. And look how you've done it.

    I've got the blog in my reader and I'm looking forward to the history you're going to share.

  6. You could definitely double as a Salem tour guide.

  7. You do this so well...
    It is a pleasure to read of your wanderings and findings :D

  8. Oh how nice to get to know Nathaniel! I will check him out. Congrats! I know you'll do ole Nate proud.

    Big hugs, honey...

  9. So proud of you! Congrats!

  10. You've heard of Flat Stanley, right? He could be Flat Nat!

    Just a thought. ;-)

    I love this whole idea. Congrats on the whole project.


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