Friday, June 11, 2010

Five on Friday - "Time For Me to Fly"

For this week's Five on Friday I decided to go with a theme based on something that I would be doing today - flying!  Not that I really wanted to be flying, mind you - I wanted to be taking a train and then I could have gone with a railroad theme for Travis' meme this week but alas, Amtrak is not high on my list of favorites right now - maybe at a future date but not for this trip!

Anyhow, as I was driving home from work Wednesday night I was trying to think of songs about flying other than "Leaving on a Jet Plane" by Peter, Paul, & Mary which just wasn't doing it for me!  Even the John Denver version wasn't appealing but luckily there are a decent number of songs out there about airplanes and flying and it ended up being easy to find five.   It's probably a pretty odd mix when you stop and look at it but that's what so fun about this meme - it can be a mixed-up mess or all one genre or group or singer or whatever you'd like!   Out of these five I'd have to say that Foo Fighters "Learn to Fly" stands out as my favorite simply because it took me forever to master it on Guitar Hero and then Michael Buble comes in a close second because he's Michael Buble and it's just such a great song!

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Anyhow, as the song goes, it's time for me to fly so I'm off to Florida via a Southwest Airlines flight out of Hartford to see my baby graduate (woohoo!) and then Jamie and I will be hitting the highways and byways of Florida to meet up with an assortment of blogging friends - Barb in Valdosta just north of the Florida border whose Mom has made lasagna!; Sandy in Saint Augustine who is fortunately going to be there on the same day we are!; Charlie & Bee in West Palm Beach where I'm going to have loads of hugs and some lasagna to deliver provided the lasagna doesn't get sidetracked on its way from Georgia!; and finally Lyn who is a lovely lady and an avid bicyclist down in Fort Lauderdale where we'll be flying out of to return to Connecticut on Tuesday.

Amanda and Tesla are going to hold the fort down here at home with the aid of friends Jason & Amy if need be and I'm sure they'll do just fine in my absence.   I promise to take lots of pictures (you wouldn't think otherwise, would you?) but posting may be sketchy if at all as I'm only taking the NetBook with me "just in case" and anything else will be done via iPhone. 

Ya'll (see? I'm practicing for being down South!) try to behave yourselves while I'm gone but if you can't do that, at least have fun!


  1. I didn't know Sandy was going to be in Saint Augustine! How awesome! I adore Saint Augustine and may even retire nearby one day. Assuming I can ever afford to retire...

    Have a wonderful flight. Take lots of pictures at graduation. I know you will!

    Big hugs xo

  2. Yes, us and most of the chitlins will be there for a few days, getting together with other family members Sunday afternoon. Linda and I can't miss this opportunity to meet when we are in the same city!!!

    Cyber hugs till Sunday...

  3. Have a great flight and may the graduation be a wonderful event for all. "Time For Me To Fly" is a favorite song. Nice grouping.

  4. Brain Burp "Just A Song Before I Go" Proves you can't listen to a chorus and type at the same time.

  5. Have a wonderful time!! Congrats to Jamie!!

  6. Have a save journey, I know you're gonna have a fab time! :)

  7. Enjoy your trip...Nice song set

  8. Loved every one of these, Linda! Maybe perhaps the Tom Petty, CSNY and Foo Fighters best.

    Have a great trip and can't wait to see all the pictures!

  9. I enjoyed that Set. Have a great trip!


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