Thursday, August 17, 2006

Yesterday's 9/11 Post Revisited

Now that the over 1,600 new 9/11 tapes have been released and people have had a chance to listen to them, to relive the agony and horror of what happened on that beautiful September day over again, I am going to stand by my post of yesterday and once again ask "WHY??".

According to this Associated Press article that I read today - NYC Releases New 9/11 Tapes - "Family members on Wednesday repeated complaints that their loved ones were betrayed by poor communication that could have steered them outside before the buildings fell." and "Attorneys for the Times and victims' relatives said they brought the lawsuit because they wanted to find out what happened in the towers and what dispatchers told workers and rescuers."

Now tell me once again that someone somewhere IS NOT looking to cast blame on the poor people who were merely trying to do their jobs that day. It wasn't the "poor communication" that killed 2.977 people but the 19 terrorists who flew the two planes into the Towers. As I said yesterday, NO ONE could have been prepared for this sort of catastrophe.

The article states, "Most of the calls involved firefighters and dispatchers. The voices of 10 civilians calling from inside the World Trade Center were edited out because of privacy concerns" so it's hard to say that as a family member you want to hear your loved ones last dying words unless your loved one was a public employee. And honestly, no offense Jen, but I for one would not want to hear my son or daughter or husband's last gasping breath. My imagination can do a bang-up job of its own when it comes to that sort of thing, I don't need to have the actual voice repeating itself over and over in my head on a continous loop.

It is quite possible that someone out there WILL find some sort of closure listening to those tapes but if your child or spouse was one of the hundreds of firefighters or police officers that died that day, do you have any doubt at all that they died as heros? Do you need to hear their last anguished cries on a recording to know that? I would know it in my heart and I am confident that the rest of the world would know it, too - I wouldn't need a tape to back me up and prove it.

I just can't help but think that this dredges up more pain than it heals. But I am just one voice - what does everyone else think? I know ECR and Marlea and Jenifer's thoughts but what about the rest of you who stop by to read this blog? Truly everyone has an opinion and I would love to hear it.


  1. Anonymous1:32 PM EDT

    You make valid points Linda. I was trying to play devil's advocate as far as your post yesterday, but today i find nothing to dispute. I also see no reason to cast blame on dispatchers who were merely doing what they had been trained to do. Didn't protocol state to tell those people to remain where they were? Weren't the dispatchers doing what they thought was the "right thing?" Who in their right mind predicted that those towers were going to collapse??? I'm sure that it wasn't witten in the disaster preparedness manual..... "In case of 100 story building collapse due to collision with commercial airliner please do the following....." I guess when you have lost a loved one in a tragedy that is so non-sensical you will try to place blame on anyone you can to try and ease some of the pain... My heart goes out to everyone involved.

  2. Anonymous11:20 PM EDT

    I must agree.. do we really need to hear the tapes! The media really needs to focus on something else.. or are they really trying to drum up support for Dubyah, as his approval ratings have really hit the proverbial shitter.

  3. Anonymous9:41 PM EDT

    While what happened that day was certainly unforeseeable to most of us and very tragic I think that over time the public and the media have forgotten the terror of that day. Let's not forget that we are not like the rest of the public in our way of life. Most people don't know how to relate to what we do. Most didn't put together ready bags to go, fight to be on stand-by list, or think how to store the expected bodies. I don't think that people should forget what was so terrible on the upper floors that people chose to jump from over a 1000 feet in the air or the pain that far too many people personally experienced that day. I can remember exactly where I stood at work while an electrical manager learned that the first tower fell. His brother worked across the street in the World financial complex. I later learned his brother was on the phone with a friend in the tower as he watched it collapse. I don't ever want to dull those memories. If I do I'll turn the page or change the channel. New Yorkers and the country should hold their heads high. The only place to lay blame was at the feet of 19 cowards, may they still be waiting for their 72 virgins. 021

  4. Anonymous5:36 PM EDT

    How any sane person can think that 72 virgins is worth 2,977 other human souls is totally beyond me. I don't understand a "God" that supports killing innocent people - that applauds people for strapping bombs to themselves and then blowing up not just their own stupid self but the targets of their hate. If that's what Allah is all about then they can keep him.

    I hope, though, that it's similar to the religious fanatics that we get here in America and that Allah is not the kind of God that the media makes him out to be. I'm all for religious freedom but not at the cost of innocent lives. I just don't get it.

  5. I agree again Linda. I wouldn't want to hear the last words of a loved one.

    There were signs that this would happen, but we really didn't pay attention. This started in the 80s. That hatred started in April of 1983 with the Islamic group bombing the U.S. Embassy. A U.S. A U.S. District court judge ruled in 2003 that the attack was by what had been at the time been a new organization called Hezbollah supported by the state of Iran.

    Then on February 26, 1993 six Islamist bombed the World Trade Center leaving six people dead, and thousands gasping for air as it took up to two hours to get out of the building filled with smoke.

    They will continue. As sure as we breath, they will continue. Covert to Islam or die. Period. They tell us all the time, but most just aren't listening.


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