Friday, January 27, 2012

Five on Friday - The "Get Your Tissues" Version

I've rather missed participating in Travis' weekly music meme where you simply pick five songs and then share them with folks on Friday - I guess that explains that whole "Five on Friday" part, huh?  I used to participate every week and then I can kind of fell off the bandwagon for one reason or another with the best of intentions to climb back on board every week but alas Fridays would come and Fridays would go and I'd never get my act together enough to come up with five simple songs.

Well, as it happens, whenever my mind is distressed about things I tend to turn to music and lately, with thoughts of my best friend fast-approaching the end of her much-too-short life, my mind has been more than distressed, it's been downright verklempt.  Even though lists the definition of verklempt as "overcome with emotion" it should also say "see country music" as those folks know just how to put into words and music exactly how a body is feeling regardless of the situation.

So, even though it's not the happiest of playlists, it's still a good batch of songs - you just need tissues when you're listening to most of them. I promise to shoot for five happier songs next week - honest!


  1. I Believe, too! It is the hardest thing to have to say goodbye to a loved one. About 8 years ago Al & I lost a very dear old friend to a horrible brain tumor. If you can say a funeral was joyful, it was Jack's. He and his family love the Lord with all of their hearts so we all knew Jack was in a far better place, waiting for the day the rest of us will make that journey.

    I haven't listened to country in so long. I forgot how much I love Brooks and Dunn!

    PS. Go Rest High on That Mountain isn't working. Bugger.

    1. That's the problem with, sometimes they remove the links. Ah well, Vince Gill out and Rascal Flatts in!

  2. I don't know any of those and unfortunately can't listen to them but if they're country I know I'd like them. :)

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. It's always difficult at the best of times. As it happens, I played "One More Day" at my dad's funeral. All of them are beautiful songs.

  4. Sorry about your can never go wrong with country,sad or happy there is music for that.Big Time Hug!!!

  5. Have some cake. It might make you feel a little better.

  6. Very sad to hear about your best friend. The mere idea of losing my Connie would turn me into a paralytic zombie.

    ((hugs)), Linda.

    Glad to see you hear at 5 on Friday again, though.

  7. Know how hard this approaching loss is for you. Thank you for the songs and for your return to 5 On Friday.

  8. I'm glad to see you back for FoF. I'm so very sorry that ALS is robbing you so quickly of your friend.

  9. I can't listen to any of the tracks because as usual, it says "Due to licensing restrictions, some or all tracks may be unavailable for playback in your country." Bah humbug! lol Good thing I'm familiar with the songs:-) You know, sometimes listening to sad songs when you're in a down mood actually helps...I have a good cry while listening to them and feel better afterwards!! xoxo


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