Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year Everyone!

Not only is another year behind us but so is another decade and as we turn the page on a brand new calendar full of days, weeks, and months stretching out before us I hope that we all have a fantastic year full of good things and good memories with just enough not-so-good to keep us on our toes and thankful for all that we do have. After all, life is an adventure and I've yet to come across an adventure that doesn't have some form of trial or tribulation even if it's a minor one.  It makes the journey that much more interesting.

Speaking of journeys, Amanda and I are heading south towards New York City today to meet up with Amanda's brain-twin Sami and check out the Tim Burton Exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art.  The plan is to take the Metro-North commuter train into the city from New Haven and meet up with Amanda's buddy from Brooklyn at Grand Central Station before tackling the city.  

I've never been to the MoMA and am looking forward to checking it out as well as maybe taking in a few other New York City sights along the way.  I'm rather hoping that most of New York will be sleeping off the big celebration in Times Square and the crowds won't be too bad but you just never know these days.  The weather probably won't be the best in the world but I'll keep my fingers crossed for rain rather than snow and buy a nice umbrella if need be!  I'll keep you posted!

Whatever you may be doing on this first day of 2010 I hope it involves family, friends, or some form of fun!


  1. It's no surprise that Amanda likes Tim Burton!

    Hoping to see some NY photos, Happy New Year!

  2. Have a lovely day Linda, I look forward to photos aplenty!

    Happy New Year m'deario. x

  3. My first thought was--what fun! Followed by--photos!!! Can't wait. Big hugs, and Happy New Year to you and yours...

  4. You'll really enjoy the MoMA, Duchess Linda.
    I also look forward to photos from your trek to the Big Apple.

    Happy New Year ~

  5. Oh, the museum will surely be so much fun! I can't wait to see the photos you come back with!!!

    By the way, congrats on the fireworks photo. It's awesome!!!

    Happy New Year. You girls have fun and be safe.

  6. Anonymous10:33 AM EST

    Have a blast and be safe...

  7. What a fun filled day! Just wanted to swing by and wish you both a Happy New Year :) Can't wait for the photos!

  8. Perhaps you'll run into my little sister "The Diva" who's been in the city with friends for the last few days! Highly unlikely-but you never know.

    The MOMA is awesome, I went a few months ago and had a really great time.

  9. you always do the most fun things! happy new year!

    smiles, bee

  10. I am trying to figure out what the heck is "MoMA," and why it would be so busy! Thanks for the clarification. I'd love to visit it and any of the larger art museums. I always loved going to the LA Museum.
    Hope your new year is all that and more...

  11. Other than some behavior issues today from time to time with Maya -and those tend to be pretty much the norm -my New Year started off pretty darned good! Am gonna be posting about some new directions my life is taking in the very near future that has brought a whole lot of happiness and excitement to me. (And no, it's not a man. Gave up on that idea completely a few years ago!)
    Peace, Linda and here's hoping you too have a very bright and very Happy New Year ahead!

  12. Happy New Year to you, Amanda & Jamie.

  13. Happy New Year to you and yours, dear Linda!! Hope you're having a fabulous time in New York City and I'm looking forward to hearing all about your adventures there:-) xoxo

  14. Happy New Year, Linda! That is a great fireworks shot! Perfect! Way better than mine! :)


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