Thursday, January 21, 2010

Training Myself on What to Do With My New Day Off

With the advent of our newest dispatcher being fully trained and able to step into his new rotation, my work schedule has changed ever so slightly and I now find myself with having Wednesday afternoon/evening off. Not quite sure what to do with the novelty of having this extra time, I found myself having to find something to do yesterday afternoon so I did one of the things I like best ... grabbed the camera and headed to Indian Leap Falls in search of the elusive southbound New England Central Railway train!

The area had thawed significantly since I was there last Tuesday afternoon so I stopped to take a couple of shots of the falls themselves before heading to an area near the footbridge and waiting for my prey to hopefully arrive this time!  Turns out I wasn't there too long at all before I heard the sound of a train whistle coming from the Norwichtown area and I knew that finally I was going to get a break.  A few moments later the elusive NECR engine approached the trestle bridge and crossed over to my side of the river.
Now I know for a fact that the engineers never ever sound the horn after they've come over that bridge - or even approaching it as there's no roadway - but darned if the engineer didn't give the horn a hearty blast as the engine approached me.  I was darn lucky that this other shot wasn't one big blur as I'm pretty sure I jumped quite a bit!  Still, I'll take it as a friendly gesture as he wasn't waving any single fingers in my direction as he passed by!

Giddy with my success at finally capturing a southbound train on the trestle, I decided to hot-foot it down to the harbor near downtown Norwich in the hopes of perhaps catching the afternoon northbound Providence & Worcester train.

Less than five minutes later I was rewarded with a double engine P&W making its way through Norwich - woohoo!  Or is that "choo-choo"?!?

All in all, I'd have to say that it was a rather good first 'new-day-off' and perhaps Wednesday is going to be my lucky day for trains from here on in.  Now to go in search of some other locales to shoot in as I've no doubt you folks are getting tired of seeing the same old places post in and post out but I really hope you don't mind trains as I appear to be fascinated with them lately!  I'm hoping to someday get that 'perfect' shot that I can submit to Trains magazine and be officially published once the editors are done ooh'ing and aah'ing over it!  Bear with me, this may take awhile!


  1. I think it's Choo-Chooooooooooo!

    Glad you caught the ever-elusive train coming down the tracks this time. The train is actually quite attractive with its bright yellow and blue. You got a nice clear shot while it was in motion. Great job.

    And then you caught a second train ~ successful afternoon I'd say, Duchess.

  2. Ha! I just saw the title and got the joke.

  3. Anonymous8:52 AM EST

    Hank and I say those are awesome shots! Hope they're high res so you can send them to the magazines.

    Hubby says another idea is to photograph streets in town and label them, so that generations can enjoy the time capsule. Think about how many historical photos you see in restaurants and other public places.

  4. Great shots!

    Maybe the person driving the train (conductor?) reads your blog and sounded it just in case you were there waiting to get a shot!

  5. Great shots, especially the first one of the falls. I have always liked trains and I understand the "thrill of the hunt". Sounds like a good day off to me too.
    No way I will get tired of looking at your photos, they may be in the same basic area, but they are not all the same. Keep sharing them.

  6. Well, with dispatching I've always found that vacancies were the norm. I'm hoping that's not the case where you are, but that's what I remember. Enjoy your new time off.

    I love all the trestles and trains. They are indeed fun to watch and photograph.

    Have a terrific day Linda. Big hug. :)

  7. What a great series. Congratulations on bagging your choo choo.

  8. Wow, what fabulous shots you got of those trains, good for you!!! No doubt you surprised the conductor by being there, as I'm sure they're not used to that! lol I believe he sounded the horn in greeting:-) Having an extra day off will mean you can go capture terrific photos for us!! hehe xoxo

  9. I have to heartily applaud how you spent your day off, Linda! Great shot of the falls and an even better one of that elusive train! It was worth all the effort and time you've had to spend on it in the past. Good job!

  10. That Wednesday afternoon will be in good use if you send fine pictures to train magazines.

  11. That Wednesday afternoon will be in good use if you send fine pictures to train magazines.

  12. Woohoo to the choo-choos! Great shots. That was a great way to spend your time off.

    Enjoy your day. Big hugs...

  13. wow great shots. you are really amazing linda...

    smiles, bee

  14. That's a pretty effective use of some time off.

  15. Love this post, love the color's of the trains... so glad he blew his horn at you... That made me smile big time.

    Love ya Cal

  16. It is nice that Duchess Linda captured the P&W train from a safe distance with nothing bad to happen to the photographer. Capturing the Acela is not life threatening, because it has set schedules and can be captured from afar. The freight trains aren't scheduled, and you had a few close calls in the past - you caught this one nicely!

  17. Anonymous11:33 PM EST

    If they don't want one of these shots, they don't know what's what. ;-)

  18. Nice work! I stumbled across your blog, I think, from Google. If you're curious, I shot the same P&W train earlier that day on their southbound run. They're here in my blog. BTW, the train's symbol is NR-2, and runs from Plainfield to New Haven and back M-F

    Anyways, I've photographed both the NECR and P&W extensively (along with many other railroads in the area) - if you've ever got any questions, I'd be glad to help out. Both the P&W and NECR are fairly regular, but as Ralph pointed out above, there's no set schedule, as you found out in your Taft Tunnel expedition.

    -Tom Nanos

    PS, I've talked with Kevin a few times before...he knows who I am...

  19. I think that it'd be great if you could call this working!!! Maybe some day, Linda. Your pictures are worth paying for, hopefully someone will see that soon!


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