Sunday, January 17, 2010

New London On a Nice Day

Callooh! Callay! It was a beautiful day!  And I got to get out and enjoy it a little bit.

Sunny blue skies and temps in the low 40's - just what the doctor would order to lift one's spirits and make the winter more bearable. I posted on my Facebook page that I was going to go out and enjoy some sun and my cheeky friend Claire from across the pond insisted that I needed "Pictures or it didn't happen!"  Sheesh ... force me to take the camera out - the nerve!

So where to take the Nikon to prove that I was out enjoying my day rather than sitting at home and waiting for the next storm to hit?  I know, down to the Thames River in New London where I could take pictures of birds in flight with the Gold Star Bridge in the background -

Or a fishing boat docked to unload it's latest catch -

Or the sunken rusted out hull of a what looks to be a former fishing boat that is now home to quite a few seagulls -

Or even better - the United States Coast Guard Cutter Eagle whose homeport is New London; which happens to be home to the United States Coast Guard Academy - a place I would really like to get some pictures of if I can ever figure out how to do so without trespassing on government property and ending up in the brig!

And let's not forget one of my favorite photography targets - trains!  I managed to get these two pictures of Amtrak Acelas without having to wait for hours unlike my pursuit of the elusive New England Central Railway train!

After some coaxing Amanda decided to join me outside and sat in the car with her sketchbook while I snapped pictures.  Part of the deal, though, was that I had to take her to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie starring Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law.  I had offered to drop her off at the movies while I was out taking pictures but unlike a lot of other teenagers I guess she would rather go to the movies with her mother than alone (I will take that as a compliment whether she meant it that way or not!).

I must say that it's most definitely a different take on the Sherlock Holmes characters that I'm used to but that's perfectly fine by me!  As it turned out, I rather enjoyed sitting in a darkened theater for two hours watching these two guys -

What is it Claire likes to say?  Oh yes ... nom nom nom!!!  Yep, I can be shallow with the best of 'em!

Hope everyone had a lovely Saturday and that your Sunday is great, too.  It's off to work for me but that's okay as it's Chick Flick Sunday where this week we've got Slumdog Millionaire, The Secret Life of Bees and L.A. Without a Map - which stars David Tennant.  Sounds like a good shift to me!


  1. Love Love Love this post. I really enjoy the pictures at the coast... yummy. Sherlock Holmes was a good movie and you will love The Secret Life of Bee's.... Haven't seen the other two movies. Thanks for sharing you Saturday and Sunday with us. I love blogs... ain't they cool

  2. Anonymous8:56 AM EST

    Now that's the Linda I know and love. I can look at your photos and honestly say, "I've been there!"

    The Academy appears to be a beautiful campus, just from a quick drive-by...

    I may have to go see the movie. Is it a thinking person's movie? or just eye candy?

  3. beautiful photos!

    i likes slumdog but i thought the book was better for bees. enjoy.

    smiles, bee

  4. Nom nom nom indeed! Great pictures. Here are the tour days, hours and instructions for the Coast Guard Academy

  5. I would have loved to enjoy the weather yesterday, but sadly (though, not too sad) I had promised my best friend we'd go clothes shopping together. And now, of's raining.

  6. A good tour around New London

  7. Once again you leave me breathlessly wanting a NIKON with those rich, deep colors! Great shots, and a great way to spend the day.

  8. As shutterbug said, great shots and a great way to spend the day, all the way around. Big hugs...

  9. Beautiful shots, Linda! Such a picturesque location. 4 movies in a weekend! I'm jealous. LOL! Hope you enjoyed them! Love the photo of the sunken hull and the birds in flight with the bridge in the background. There's seriously a river Thames in New London?

  10. Yes, there is but our Thames rhymes with James rather than using the British pronunciation.

  11. That sunken rusted out hull is a great photo subject, Duchess Linda.

    I remember crossing the Thames on that old bridge. You must too!

    I need to see a movie again some year! I'm out of IT.

    Hope your shift was OK yesterday.

  12. what I meant was the former bridge, before the current one was built in the 80s I guess.

  13. Anonymous5:45 PM EST

    Love those pics, Linda.
    That color just jumps out at me.

    Hey...I test drove a Nikon D90 the other day. I even dreamt about it later that night. Hmmm. ;-)

    Glad you had a good day and enjoyed Sherlock Holmes. Jude Law is most definitely swoon-worthy.

  14. Loved the Sherlock Holmes movie too. Though hubby slept through most of it. I kept jabbing him, telling him I just wanted him to get his money's worth out of the movie. lol! And can you tell? I think there will be another one.

    Awesome photos of New London!

  15. I love the sharp blue colors in those photos, Linda! Nice job.

    I guess I will have to wait to sit in my recliner in the dark watching those two guys, as I'm sure I won't catch 'em on the big screen. But, I'm okay with that. I really do want to see it, but I'll add it to my Netflix Queue. :)


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