Sunday, January 3, 2010

MoMA Mia That's a Nice-a Painting!

New Year's dawned not exactly bright and sunny here in Connecticut - more like gray and overcast! - but it was good enough for Amanda and I to head down to New Haven and board the Metro-North commuter train heading south to New York City.

The idea was to take the train down to Grand Central Terminal where this eagle sits proudly outside

... walk down to the Museum of Modern Art (herein referred to as the "MoMA")

... and meet up with Amanda's friend Sami who lives in Brooklyn, goes to college in Massachusetts, and was home on Christmas vacation.  Amanda refers to Sami as her "brain twin" which makes it kind of scary for any accompanying adults!

Both girls - and Sami really is a sweetheart - are big fans of Tim Burton and there is currently a Tim Burton Exhibit at the MoMA that runs through April 26th.

The only snag that we ran into was that the Tim Burton Exhibit is in a smaller gallery section of the MoMA and in order to see it, you have to have a timed ticket.  Due to the fact that every New Yorker and/or his/her brother/sister decided that New Year's Day would be a fine day to go to the MoMA ...

... the tickets for the Tim Burton Exhibit were sold out which would have defeated the purpose of the trip except that if one became a member of the MoMA, one could bypass that whole "timed ticket" thing along with one's guests.  Ah well, I've always wanted to be a patron of the arts therefore, I am now a card-carrying member of the MoMA.  Should anyone want to meet up in New York one of these days and spend some time at the MoMA, I can get you in for the low, low price of $5 and even share a few perks while we're at it!

Even with the timed tickets, the Tim Burton Exhibit was packed and there was no photography allowed so I can't show you any of it but suffice it to say that it was pretty cool.  Along with his early drawings, there were also costumes from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Batman Returns, Edward Scissorshands, Beetlejuice, Planet of the Apes, and a few of Tim's other movies.  The girls just loved the models from The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Corpse Bride, and several other films as well as other pieces of artwork on display.    All in all it was worth the trip but I think a second trip will be in order in the hopes that maybe it won't be quite as wall-to-wall with people and we could spend a little more time looking at things without feeling crushed!

After the Tim Burton Exhibit we went over to where the Monet Exhibit is being shown and while the girls sat down and exchanged Christmas gifts ...

... I decided that I really, really enjoyed looking at Monet's Water Lilies and other paintings ...

I've often heard people talking about Monet and how peaceful his painting are but I never really paid much mind to that until I found myself gazing at the pastel colors blended together so perfectly that it really does bring on a sense of sereneness and peace.

Click on the picture above so you can see a bigger version as these pictures really don't do the paintings justice at all but considering all of the people milling around, I'm surprised I got even semi-decent shots!  Again, I'd like to spend a little more time with these paintings on my next trip to the MoMA.  I believe this exhibit is also there through early April so I'm thinking a trip down before they're no longer there is most definitely in order!

Even though there was a lot more that I would have liked to see, we didn't stay at the MoMA for too much longer as it was getting on in the afternoon and the place wasn't getting any less crowded - plus there were a few other spots I wanted to hit while we were in the City.  Besides, now that I'm a Member of the MoMA, I'll be heading back down to the City for a little more culture at least a couple more times in the next year.  No sense in rushing through everything all at once!

Pictures of some of our other New York sights will be along in the next post!


  1. Anonymous9:14 AM EST

    Impressionist art is so wonderful... The effect of light on color and shape were the artists' "thing" during that period.

    Looks like Amanda had a great visit with her brain twin...LOL!

    Can't wait to see more pics!

  2. Wow, if Amanda wasn't a bit taller I swear I wouldn't tell them apart from afar. They are both too cute!
    So glad the trip wasn't a waste and you were able to save the day with your MomA membership, such a nice Mommy thing to do. Hope they appreciated it. Wish I could take you up on the offer for the $5 entry. Maybe later on next year. I've never been to any museums in NYC, actually, come to think of it, I don't think I've ever been to any museums except the Rockwell in Corning, NY that hubby took me too to see the Ansel Adams exhibit.

  3. I love Monet. I have a print of his in my living room. It's called 'The Luncheon'. It's a beautiful piece.

    What a fun day and Amanda got to see her friend too. Way cool.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

  4. Good job you got in. It would have been a disappointment otherwise. Amanda & Sami do seem do have very similar tastes.

  5. Haley and I are big Monet fans. We visited Giverny Gardens a long time ago, and Dick and I went there awhile back. Love it.

    A Monet exhibit was at the 'High' in ATL recently, so us Haley and I took her two dtrs there to see it. Start them young!

    Glad y'all had a nice adventure. Big hugs!

  6. Sounds like a great day Linda. Monet is my very favourite artist. :)

  7. The impressionists are favorites of mine for pictures to live with, but my quirky side just adores Tim Burton

  8. Those girls could almost pass as sisters. :) I'm glad that you got the chance to take them and get some shots along the way. What fun!

  9. You just reminded me that I still have pictures on my camera of my trip to the Moma back in October.

  10. what a wonderful day! i adore monet and so does lala. my favorite, well him and simbari.

    smiles, bee

  11. Anonymous12:47 AM EST

    Oooey! I am so envious that you got to go! I'm sure it was a great trip, and I just have to say....YOU ARE AN AWESOME MOM!!!

    Hey, if I'm in CT anytime soon, I'll take you up on that offer. ;-)

  12. awesome! I am soooo gonna call you if I ever makeit that far north! I'd love to go!

    and hey. Burton and Monet, can't beat that with a STICK!

  13. I'll go! I'll go! O Duchess Linda, patroness of the arts!!

    I've seen Monet's Water Lilies in the permanent exhibit. Glad you got to see more of his work as well.

    Amanda and Sami look like they had a great time. What fun to exchange gifts in an art museum. ;-)

  14. Linda, you are an awesome mom! Looks like the girls had such a great time :)

  15. Way cool. When I was in NY with my sister several years ago, we saw the Museum of Natural History. We missed the Met, and we both regret that.

  16. At first I thought you were going to say that you couldn't get into the Tim Burton exhibit and that Amanda had freaked out...glad to hear there was a way around the timed tickets! lol I can well imagine how much you all enjoyed it but as you say, you need to go back when it's not so filled up with wall to wall people!!

    I've never been a big fan of impressionist art but then that might be because I've never really seen any except for in the odd magazine. I'm sure if I was actually standing in front of say, a Monet, I might get hooked:-) xoxo


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