Saturday, February 6, 2010

There's a New Kid in Town

A few months back I mentioned that we were trying to adopt one of the local outdoor cats who didn't seem to have a home.  Our elderly neighbor, Elizabeth, had been feeding the cat that Amanda dubbed "Rufus" for a couple of months and she was afraid that he was going to freeze to death when winter hit.  We tried to take over the feeding and to get Rufus into the house but apparently he had been an outdoor cat for too long to have any interest in being an indoor one so unfortunately, adopting him just wasn't in the cards.  Elizabeth went back to leaving food out for he and another neighborhood stray along with putting a comfy lined box on her back porch should they need somewhere to spend the night and Amanda went back to asking me to look for another cat.

I admit that I stalled until after the holidays as I had heard way too many horror stories of cats trying to climb Christmas trees and knocking them over and that really sounded like an experience I'd rather miss.  Following the tree being removed, I half-heartedly looked through the CraigsList postings and the classifieds in the paper as well as some of the online listings but I just wasn't sure and none of the cats that I saw seemed to jump up and say "Me!  Me!  Pick me!" 

Finally Amanda had pretty much had enough of my dithering around and once again asked this week if we were ever going to go get a cat.  Having basically run out of excuses I made arrangements to go out to the Humane Society in Waterford on Friday afternoon with Amanda and our friend Amy who has several cats of her own and would be a good judge of character.  On the way out I told Amanda that she wasn't to just pick out any cat just because she really wanted one but that she needed to choose carefully and if there wasn't one there that she liked then we could continue looking another time.  She agreed but I've got no idea whether she had her fingers crossed or not as she was sitting in the backseat!

There were probably about 10 to 12 cats available for adoption at the Humane Society and the first one that caught Amanda's eye was a 5-year old tortoiseshell female named Ethel who was very friendly but had a major aversion to being picked up.  Following Ethel there was a big orange tabby named Caramel that Amanda spent some time scritching and then in the cage below she spotted Montana whom she really liked.

Montana's paperwork said that he was 1-1/2 years old and had been taken in by the Humane Society on February the 1st.  His intake reason said "Abandoned" and he had just been neutered the day before which could account for the reason that he seemed so laid back!  When Amanda picked him up he snuggled right into her jacket and I could just tell by the goofy grin on her face that her decision had been made.  

I will say one thing about adopting a cat from the Humane Society versus just finding one online or from a classified ad - they do a marvelous job making sure your new pet has everything that he or she may need.  Montana, now known as Tesla, has been micro-chipped, given all of his vaccinations to date, examined thoroughly by a veterinarian and then sent to his new home with a new collar (Amanda's choice of color), a bag of Science Diet dry food, more pain medication to be given to him tomorrow for that recent surgery, and several toys as well as all sorts of documentation and paperwork and discounts for future needs.  Not bad at all for an $80 adoption fee - some of the shelters that I was looking at online wanted $100 or more and that was just for the cat, never mind all those other things.

Once we got home, Amanda let Tesla out of his carrying box and he began exploring his new digs making sure he knew where the litterbox was, checking out the food and water dishes, and poking his nose into the various rooms.  Everything seemed to meet his approval though he gave me that "Who is this crazy woman with the camera in my face all the time" look!  I'm thinking he needs to get used to that though I have already told Amanda that Tesla is not getting his own blog unless he somehow manages to learn how to write one on his own!  I have trouble enough keeping up with my own blog never mind venturing out into the Cat Blogosphere!

So far girl and cat seem to be quite happy with each other and - as odd as it seems - Tesla likes to climb up onto the computer desk and snooze while Amanda either IMs her friends or does whatever it is that she spends so much time on a computer doing.  I'm really surprised the instant-messaging noises doesn't keep him awake but they don't seem to bother him at all.  Oh well, a cacophony to one can be a lullaby to another!

Oh, and as for the name change ... the ladies at the Humane Society said that the person who brought the cat in only called him "Kitty" and that he had no real name so they dubbed him "Montana" as that's what the side of the box that he was in read.  Amanda had been kicking around the names "Tesla" (after Nicolai Tesla who had discovered alternating currents and was a rival of Thomas Edison) and "Sherlock" (yes, after the movie!) and asked me which name I thought would be better.  After looking at her new pet's rather electric eyes I decided that Tesla would be a better choice than Sherlock and so Tesla he became.  The choice was elementary, my dear Watson! The trick is to not call him "Tessie" as even though he's been neutered that just seems too girly and I don't want to insult the guy!

Let's just hope this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship!  Oh, and Amanda?  About that litterbox ... !


  1. Anonymous8:58 AM EST

    He's a handsome guy... I'm so happy he's now got a forever home... I can't wait to hear how this relationship begins.

  2. Lois said it right! Congrats on your new family member.

    Big hugs 'n scritches to Tesla...

  3. Aw, I want to scritch Tesla...

    Great name!

    I'm happy that he has found a home. = ^. .^ =

  4. i am SO jealous!!! gosh i want a cat! he is adorable... hoping for a long and healthy life for the little one!

    smiles, bee

  5. this makes me so happy! especially today
    I love when an animal gets a forever home
    tesla is a cool name
    he looks a bit like Siren but he sounds calmer ;)

    looking forward to lots more pics and stories

  6. Yay for Tesla! And conCATulations to you and Amanda!

    Tesla is such a handsome guy, but then you KNOW I have a soft spot for gray and white kitties, as mine all oddly seem to be!

    I vote for his own blog. Just saying.

  7. Oh you are kind taking him in. This is going to be the start of a beautiful friendship, I can feel it in my bones!

  8. A beautiful cat and a fine post. I'll list it in my Quality Posts.

  9. Congratulations on the new addition to your family! He sounds like he's settling in really well and already very content with the two of you. I was wondering if Tesla was named after the Tessla and got my answer later on in your post. He's beautiful. Shelter animals always seem so grateful to find loving homes. :)

  10. looks like homw sweet home.....

  11. Tesla is a beautiful cat and curling up by computers seems to be a cat thing to do as all of ours try to wind around the equipment. Ebony, the newest arrival having just walked in one day and deciding to stay, had his first trip to the vet for shots, chipping etc.

    Hope you and Amanda totally enjoy your new addition to the family.

  12. Outstanding! And he's quite the handsome gentleman I must say.

    BTW...the moment I sit down and settle the laptop desk, Mr Tucker does everything he can think of to get me to move it. He's also quite interested in the stuff that goes across the screen.

  13. uh, is this your first cat Linda?

  14. He's so sweet! Very happy that you have a new addition to love on. Our cat Little Bit is just wonderful and cuddly. Enjoy!!!

  15. Tesla is just gorgeous and I can see that he's already made himself right at front of the computer no less! lol I just love his markings and those eyes of his are gorgeous. As you know, I was feeding a stray mama cat and her litters but managed to catch them all except 2 and brought them to the Humane Society...I just hope they all found good homes. I worry myself silly about the remaining 2 out in this frigid weather but they come to my door to be fed every night around 6 p.m. and they seem fine (both are males). The gray one is not quite a year old and the black and white one is 2 years old...the grey one lets me pet him and loves having his head scratched but the b&w one doesn't like to be touched at all. Neither will come in the house, will only eat the food if placed on the step outside. I put a blanket in a box for them but no way, they're terrified of it! lol Anyway, enjoy your new kitty:-) xoxo

  16. What a cutie!

    Catching up, and loving all the beautiful pictures as always. That college campus a few posts up was really cool!


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