Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday Things

Yesterday - the 7th anniversary of my father's death - was pretty much what I would expect from the 24th of February - dark, rainy, and dismal.  Funny how some days just tend to match the anniversary. Just as Green Day's Bille Joe Armstrong wrote in Wake Me Up When September Ends  -

I've got to agree that the 7 years has gone so fast and sometimes I have to do the math a couple of times over to make sure it really has been that long. That doesn't mean that any of my family has forgotten by any stretch of the imagination, though, and I guess it was only fitting that yesterday was raining buckets - in my world anyway.  Feel free to wake me up when February ends.

On a lighter note, Amanda had an assignment in her Advanced Drawing class to do a self-portrait in graphite and this is the end result -

At least, that's a picture of the end result as the actual end result itself is being mounted and matted and then going on display at an art gallery in Mystic with a price tag attached!  Of the 16 students in her class, Amanda's drawing is the only one going on display which I think is pretty danged cool (insert goofy proud parent grin here).  Once Amanda remembers to find out just which art gallery the portrait is going to be displayed at I'll be sure to take a trip down there and get a picture of the picture. 

In regards to her artwork, she's happiest with how the nose came out but I'm pretty impressed with both the hands and the eyes.  Well, actually as a non-artist, I'm darned impressed with the whole piece!  If it doesn't sell, I'm pretty sure I've got a nice spot on the wall for it myself even though I see that exact same look in real life quite frequently!


  1. Nose, eyes, and the POSE! What an "eye" for composition. You have a right to be proud. I kind of hope it doesn't sell. It deserves a place int he family home :)

  2. Big hugs on the hole your Dad's death has left in your heart. My mother still counts the years since my Nana's death and she tells me how old she would've been if she were still alive. She still misses her mother terribly, even after so many years have passed.

    I think this is my favorite piece of Amanda's art (that I have seen). It has such a different feeling from her usual macabre. I love it! You have every right to be proud of her. She has real talent!

    Big hugs xo

  3. That song is spot on, I was thinking of it the other week on my grandads birthday.


    That self portrait is also spot on, it is 100% Amanda, the eyes and hands win it for me. She deserves extra kudos because it is a self portrait and most people fail to capture their own essence.

  4. Anonymous10:19 AM EST

    Hugs dear friend... I know how you feel. I get the same way during that time of year for both parents..

    Amanda is rocking the graphite! I love how she captured her sense of whimsy! (insert goofy friend of mother and artist grin here)

  5. Wowza! I can see why this was picked to hang on the art gallery wall! I hope she gets big bucks for it. That gal's got talent...and mom is allowed the goofy grin. I'd be bustin my buttons off (and have been in that position with my kids--it's a great feeling). I can be a proud cyber auntie, right?

    Big hugs...

  6. We never forget our loved ones but we do lose track of the time that has elapsed.

    Amanda's self portrait is truly A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.! She's very talented and you have every right to be proud. :)

  7. BIG (non-invasive) hug to you...I hope that the clouds go away soon...


    That's an amazing piece. She never ceases to amaze me...fantastic job Amanda!!!!!

  8. I have the same issue with my parents' deaths too. The anniversaries are sad and lonely.

    Yeah for Amanda. That totally rocks. We all know how talented she is.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

  9. awww honey i am so sorry about your dad, the hero. i think of him and never knew him!

    amanda's drawing is wonderful. the hands are the hardest thing, i remember that from art classes. the hands are really hard to make them look natural and graceful like that. good for her!!!!!

    smiles, bee

  10. yeah....certain days carry a heaviness don't they? Hope the memories are mostly heartwarming and that you know he must be very proud of you.

  11. and the self portrait is really interesting. I especially like the way some of her fingers are in front of her glasses and some are behind.

    Truly well done Amanda!

    (curious....I'm wondering if the piece has a title?)

  12. That is a fantastic drawing Amanda did. Well worthy of display.

  13. Having had a son whose art was frequently chosen to hang in the art gallery, I can understand the pride you're feeling:-) She did an excellent job drawing this self portrait and it's no wonder it got chosen. Fingers crossed that she manages to sell it, how neat would that be!!

    My dad passed away on Jan. 27th, 1979 and no matter how many years go by, it's still a hard day to get through. Sending you big hugs across the miles. xoxo

  14. I know how hard it is to lose your dad. Mine died in 1976.
    I hope today was a better day for you, despite this incredibly gloomy weather we are being subjected to!

    Amanda's self-portrait is fantastic. She is so talented. It's not surprising it was chosen to hang in a gallery. I am trying to figure out her emotion in the picture. Surprise? Fear?

    The details of her eyes and fingers are really well done.

    You have every right to be proud.

  15. I am so impressed! and happy for Amanda!! way to go :)

    hugs on the memories of your father
    my sister dies in 1987 and it often feels like we were chatting on the phone yesterday

  16. How proud you must be. That is a truly great drawing that captures a whole range of emotions. I particularly like the placement of the hands. Amanda can take several bows and encores.

  17. Sorry about your father's passing. I know the sadness still continues.

    Wonderful news about Amanda. You have a right to be proud of her.

  18. I'm impressed by the hands and eyes too. Well done Amanda, and congratulations on the display!

  19. Skimming through the 580+ posts that have added up in my reader... and had to comment on this. A's pic is breathtaking! She is superbly talented, but you knew that already.

    Looking forward to going back to work soon, if only to get my blog reading time back... hahaha.


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