Tuesday, December 19, 2006

"Crows everywhere are equally black." ~ Chinese Proverb

Driving to work on winter mornings it's sometimes easy for me to forget that I'm actually in Norwich, Connecticut rather than Bodega Bay, California - setting of Alfred Hitchcock's 1963 masterpiece thriller "The Birds". Every winter, like clockwork, Norwich is invaded by thousands of crows that take up residency in the trees close to the Thames River which, incidentally, is right across the street from American Ambulance.

Driving down Washington Street and across the Thomas Sweeney Bridge, one can see hundreds upon hundreds of crows circling in the air and perched in every available tree branch along the way. If you put your car window down, what you will hear is a constant cawing - a noise that makes the skin on the back of my neck crawl while visions of the good people of Bodega Bay being pecked to death dance through my head.

It's creepy - just downright creepy - and it makes me look forward to Spring and the departure of these creepy winged creatures for greener pastures - or wherever the heck it is that they go. Come to think of it, I'm not even sure where they go during the day as they take off en-masse to Lord only knows where before the sun fully rises only to come winging back in a large, black, creepy cloud shortly after sunset.

And just to add to the "creepiness" factor - did you know that a group of crows is called a murder?? I bet Mr. Hitchcock knew!


  1. Wow...I had NO idea what a group of crows were called - I just thought that it was a flock, like any other birds. Go figure!

    At the risk of sounding contrary, I have to say, I'm actually fond of the "murders" @ One American Way! For me, the crows gathering in the trees not only look really cool (there's so many of them, you forget the trees lost their foliage because they look so "full"), but I associate them with the anticipation that comes with the ending of a shift. When I used to smoke, I would stand outside and watch the sky brighten, and imagine what nature's "Secret Air Force" would be saying to each other in all that cawing. Sometimes I'd come up with some pretty good material that would rival Mr. Hitchcock's stories (if I do say so myself). As for me, I say keep "Murder Squadron 1101" flying!

  2. Anonymous6:14 PM EST

    Well all I can say is I don't care for them being on the wires over the edge of the Road... My van was used by them for "target practice" one day... Lucky for me Matt and Bruce washed my van for me before I left or I would have never been able to see out the window... Dang birds!!

  3. Well, I like bulldog think they are are kinda neat, however I also agree with Renee and am not too fond of the bird doo all over my car.

    This morning as a matter of fact i was walking down from my car and I literally thought there was a flock (excuse me, murder) following me to the door.....

    I have no idea where they all come from!

  4. Ok-one more late wisecrack and then I'm going to sleep, oh-so-glad to have been upright long enough to do some catching up:

    Of course I knew that an associated group of crows was called a murder. What I did NOT know was that "The Birds" was filmed in Bodega Bay. It's not like it's on my top ten anyway. I'm probably the only person you will ever meet who will come right out and tell you that the vast majority of Hitchcock bores me to tears, and even I was a child when THAT one came out...but BODEGA BAY?

    I LOVE BODEGA BAY...and I have several murders of crows living atop the cursed palm tree towering above my driveway. They are doing what crows do. On my car. On a regular basis. I do have SOME standards...

    I'm going to Goat Rock Beach next time.


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