Saturday, December 16, 2006

"The inability to stay quiet is one of the conspicuous failings of mankind." ~ Walter Bagehot, 1870

Today has been a long day following what was a very short night and I could really use some peace & quiet right now but Amanda has two of her friends over and "quiet" is apparently a word that not a single one of them possesses in their vocabulary. I've only been home for a little over an hour and I have already lost track of the number of times I have said "Amanda, you guys need to quiet down", "Amanda, you three need to keep it down a little bit", "Amanda, tone it down", etc., etc! If this keeps up, I have a feeling that tonight is going to go on and on even longer than the song from "Titanic"!

Of course, this may just be the payback that I get for having most of the dispatch/scheduling department over for a holiday get-together last night that had Amanda hiding in the computer room except for the times she came downstairs to grab something to eat or drink. Of course, Amanda is normally hiding in the computer room and comes down only long enough to grab something to eat or drink so it really wasn't out of the norm for her except that when she would come downstairs last night she got to see first-hand what an "interesting" group of people I work with! Never let it be said that EMS people are not a lively bunch!

Working in a high-stress job, it's nice to be able to get out of the dispatch center and relax around good food (Matt cooked and it was yummy!) and drink every great once in awhile. We don't do it often enough and really ought to make it a Standard Operating Procedure (just to preserve our sanity) but with everyone's schedule being way too busy it's hard to coordinate a time that is mutually agreeable to everyone. The holidays, of course, provide the perfect "reason" so last night was our second annual get-together at my humble abode.

Of course, whether we actually do this on an annual basis remains to be seen but considering that my house is still in one piece, the cops were here briefly but only because one of our schedulers is married to one, everyone seemed to have a good time, nobody stuck anything in the chocolate fountain they shouldn't have, and the neighbors didn't leave any notes on my doorstep offering to help me move there's a possibility that we might do it again next year. Of course if we do try this again next year, as I told Jen while we were both giggling way too much in dispatch this morning due to lack of sleep on both our parts, we need to pick a time when neither one of us are working the next day!

After the last person left and I got everything cleaned up and put away, it was almost midnight before I crawled into bed and couldn't. fall. asleep! As a veritable non-drinker, I would have thought that I had put away enough alcohol (Butter Shots and Caramel Bailey's - yum!) to sleep the sleep of the dead but oh no - not I! I distinctly remember seeing the clock change over to 1:00 a.m. before I finally drifted off to a fitful sleep. I actually managed to wake up at 5:43 before my alarm and, despite the lack of sleep, I had no trouble getting to work ... but before I could congratulate myself on those amazing feats I found myself having trouble differentiating between edema, enema, and anemia on my first 911 call of the day! Okay, maybe a little extra sleep would have been nice!

Coming home to a nice quiet house would have been nice, too, but Amanda felt it only fair that she get to have her friends over this evening so rather than get some much desired peace & quiet or maybe a little down-time on the couch in front of the TV, I am now hiding in the computer room except for when I go downstairs only long enough to grab something to eat or drink and I get to be reminded - yet again - just how much giggling 14-year-old kids can do when you get them in a group!

Ah well, as they say, "what goes around comes around"! I'm just hoping that perhaps some "peace & quiet" will come around tomorrow - please??


  1. First off I am going to assume that you did not get that nap you were looking forward to!

    Secondly, I think we were probably louder at your party than Amanda's friends were last night.

    And thirdly, you have to give Amanda a little credit, not once did she tell us that we had to "tone it down a bit" with all the ruckus we were making...

    As for having a reason to get together and let off some steam, my new house will probably be completed enough for a decent housewarming party sometime in the spring when we are having a lack of holidays to use as an excuse to get drunk.... so I'll invite ya'll over in say March? Then I will be the one who only has to stumble down the hall to my bed....

    I just have to farm out the kids somewhere that night......

  2. First - nope, no nap!

    Second - I still think that three teenagers = more noise than a room full of adults!

    Third - No, she never said that we needed to tone it down a bit but she did say that the people that I work with "scare" her!

    As for March at your new house - heck yeah! Let's do an "Ides of March" party and break that new kitchen of yours in right!


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