Sunday, December 3, 2006

"I always think there's a band, kid." ~ Harold Hill, The Music Man

Today there was a band, several of them in fact, in Norwich at the 12th Annual Winter Festival Parade which kicked off at noon from in front of Norwich Free Academy then wound its way towards downtown. The weather was perfect for both marchers and spectators alike and I could bet you dollars to donuts that if I had been amongst either I would have been fighting back tears.

I've never quite figured out why but I love a parade - any parade - and watching them has always brought a tear to my eye. Maybe I was a drum major in a past life or maybe it's my military background - I don't know what it is - but I do know that if I'm watching a parade in person or even on TV it's not good for someone to speak to me because I can't get an answer out around the lump blocking my throat!

I do think it's the bands more than anything because I've been known to sniffle at drum & bugle corps and marching band competitions, too. Do you think I was able to watch "Drum Line" without Kleenex near at hand? Nope ... not a chance! And
Meredith Wilson's "The Music Man" turns me into a quivering mass of mush - especially the stage version though I adored Robert Preston in the movie ... Yep, I am a sentimental fool!

So someone tell me why it is that I want Amanda to join the Norwich Free Academy Wildcat Marching Band next year? Why on earth do I want to put myself through that as a "band mother"? Do I think I'm going to grow a thicker skin and won't be quite so emotional, that I can break a habit of close to 48 years? I must be out of my mind as there's probably about as much chance of that happening as me winning the
Powerball (which is especially difficult considering I very rarely buy tickets!).

Whether she knows it or not, Amanda has a gift - an ability to play music by ear without ever once seeing a written note - and she's
good at it. Granted, she's not the greatest flutist in the world but she could be if she put some effort into it and I believe that she would really love marching band. Initially she had no desire to join at all but lately she's been saying that she wants to join next year. She has several friends in concert band and pep band who are in marching band and they've been talking to her about trying-out so she's actually thinking about it. Ah, peer pressure, gotta love it because I was getting nowhere fast with her!

If she does try-out and makes it, I'm going to start stockpiling Kleenex because I'm going to need them just like those parents at the end of "
The Music Man" whose sons have just barely played a recognizable version "The Minuet in G" and are overcome with pride and tears of joy while they call out "play for Mother!".

Seriously - Amanda is going to be
so embarrassed!

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  1. I love marching band too! Well, except when it's like 2 below zero and your fingers are numb and your bottom lip freezes to your flute!


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