Friday, April 4, 2008

Chinese Astrology Forecast: April 4th to May 4th

Last month I posted the Chinese Astrology Forecast and actually had quite a few search hits on it so thought I would post this month's forecast for those looking to see what April might bring. If you were born in the year of The Dog, like me, it looks like we need to prioritize, prioritize, prioritize! Doesn't sound like much fun but who am I to agree with the fates?? What's in store for you? ...

Rat, the month of April sees opportunities abound for you! Be very prudent in your judgment and be careful of which you want to concentrate on. If you are still unsure about which to pick, you can receive very helpful advice from your parents or other senior members of your family. Aside from this, you are strangely not much of a people person this April therefore you will see your goings out lessening a little this month.

Rat people born in1972 may be emotionally disturbed and should take extra care while driving.

If the Ox has been planning on dabbling in speculative investments, this month is unfortunately not a good period to do so. This is because your Wealth luck prospects seem a little less rosier than usual. But you will find yourself being quite active socially, therefore expect some exhaustion and lack of sleep due to your partying ways!

Ox people born in 1961 should watch out for throat or respiratory problems.

A good month, because Wealth luck is stable and Noble Person luck is strong! At work, you may feel overwhelmed with your jobs at hand, but you can expect some measure of help from your business partners and subordinates.

Tiger people born in 1962 may have to deal with migraine, insomnia and people relations troubles.

The month of April sees the Rabbit experiencing some communication problems, therefore practice lots of discretion and diplomacy this month, Rabbit, and you will do just fine. On another note on the work front, your boss is pretty relentless this month and is pushing you to the limit! Remember to stay patient at all times and do not succumb to your temper.

Rabbit people born in 1951 experience throat or tracheal problems.

Dragon, this April sees some negative Family luck therefore the health of seniors in your family may be jeopardized. Keep a close eye on these family members just to be on the safe side. Some changes with the furniture or layout of the house may help improve the situation.

Dragon people born in 1952 will tend to worry about family issues, whereas those born in 1976 may suffer from poor Health luck.

You are in luck this month, Snake! Your Noble Person luck is strong - this means that you will be blessed with opportunities as well as a strong inclination towards hard work and getting things done! If you are in a business line, target your prospective customers this month and pursue them. You will be rewarded twofold this way!

Snake people born in 1941 suffer from throat or tracheal problems, whereas those born in 1977 may lose some wealth. Therefore, avoid speculations or investments.

Horse, keep your expenditures on a minimum this year and try not to succumb to any splurge temptations! You should also avoid from making any major investments or purchases this month.

It seems that this year will see the Goat overspending all-year round! This month sees this tendency escalating all the more, therefore perhaps it would be a wise choice for you to invest your income in a long term and safe venture. Though this is the case, there will be good progress with career and business for you this April!

Goat people born in 1967 should expand business or look to take on expanding opportunities, whereas those who are in sales will have difficulties due to communication problems. If you are born in 1931 and are prone to indigestion, go for a medical check up.

The month of April sees you as busy as a bee! Your luck prospects come wealth and career topics are going on strong as usual, therefore this is an auspicious time for you to begin a new project or venture. If you need help, don't be afraid to ask because you will receive!

All this high activity leads to a cranky Monkey with insufficient sleep. So remember to take a good rest whenever you can.

Monkey people born in 1956 and 1968 should try to get enough sleep. Whereas those born in 1932 should be careful of health problems popping up.

This month sees the Rooster enjoying opportunities to network and spread their business to new heights! If your work this month involves plenty of talks and negotiations, chances are you will ace and succeed!

Rooster people born in 1957 and 1969 will face minor trouble relating to others.

This month sees the Dog encountering opportunities to work with others. My suggestion for you is to seize the day! Trust your instincts and remember to also prioritize your work prudently this April. You must also work by prioritizing important tasks first.

Dog people born in 1952 will enjoy good Property luck this month.

Pig, be very careful with everyone around you since chances are, this month sees some of those around you group together to join forces against you! If this is the case, as the saying goes "if you can't lick them, join them" - if this group of people come to you with an issue, agree to everything. You will able to minimize potential problems this way.

Pig people born in 1959 should beware of other people teaming up to outnumber their cause at work, whereas those born in 1983 will have good opportunities to overcome the adversities they face.


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    Hi there - I put you on the Top 10 Sources of Astrology News here:

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  2. Look I am networking right now! which one am i?


  3. Anonymous12:29 PM EDT

    I'm a tiger and the sleep thing has been an issue for quite some time!

    Happy Friday!

  4. Great! Not lucky in health department on my honeymoon? Thanks for the news as Mark is already down with bad cold and I'm feeling like coming down with something... I know I know, don't shoot the messanger (lol).

  5. I like to say I'm a boar rather than a pig....laughing...

  6. "Monkey people born in 1956 and 1968 should try to get enough sleep."

    Monkey people? I'm a monkey people?
    How odd. Well, I can't sleep....that's for sure.

  7. I'm a dragon, and conicidentally my mom fell last month and broke her leg. She's well on the mend though.

  8. Hubs and I are both rabbits! Funny, we don't breed like rabbits bwahahaha. Our horoscopes for this month don't sounds so great ;-( Can I pick another animal, please?


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