Friday, April 11, 2008

Mom! The Computer Locked Up Again!

For some unknown reason, my desktop computer has been having some issues lately and I have yet to be able to figure out why. Sometimes it runs great and doesn't lock up at all and then other times, you can barely do anything on it and you have to shut it down in order to unlock it. I have run several different programs to see if there is some sort of virus but so far it checks out clean. I'm not sure if it's because it has a Vista operating system or whether there is some other program that perhaps Amanda downloaded that causes it to lock up sometimes.

Whatever it is, I hope it's not serious as I sure can't afford to buy another computer and I don't think that computer rental is even an option because that can get really expensive, too.

Anyone else have any problems with a computer running Windows Vista slowing down or locking up? I am beginning to think that if I had the disks to Windows XP I'd take off the Vista and put that on instead but alas, I don't have them. Figures!


  1. Anonymous2:06 AM EDT

    Might just be worth reformatting and reinstalling. Windows lokcing up is normally due to too many start up programs, Run MsConfig and unclick any unneeded start programs,
    Also delete any icons from the desktop you don't use as these slow things down a lot.

  2. I don't have too many problems with my vista though at first I hated it! But i do struggle getting music and videos all the time. Then I just have to shut down and start over.

  3. I'll ask Cameron, my computer guy, when he wakes up.

    It's still early.

  4. Ah, I am the best expert around.

    Msconfig, would be the one thing I would run. Uncheck any programs that you do not care to load on the startup. An alternative to msconfig is Autorun. This is a much better program, but make sure you know what you are unchecking with this baby. The system might not boot at all, if you uncheck something in the driver section , or in the startup. (I would have to see the startup routine to tell you what is safe).

    If unchecking is not your cup of tea, I suggest running a Registry correction program. Easy Cleaner is not bad, it will not screw up anything if you check it all. If you need software for this , Email me. I'll get you anything you need.

    Most "Lock-ups" as any GURU will tell you is because windows is looking for something that is not there. (IN GURU TERMS : it is an endless loop) - Lockup.

    This is usually caused by something in the registry. This would be the logical place to start. Again, my top pick is Easy Cleaner, you need not be an expert, and it will not harm anything if you check every error it found.

    Lastly linda, I strongly urge you to dump VISTA. I could write a book why, but see if you can get your hands on XP. (again, if you need help, you know where to reach me).

    Last note : Any changes to the startup files what-so-ever requires a reboot of any windows. So make sure you reboot, if you alter any startup files. The changes will not take effect until you do so.

  5. Cameron said he completely agrees about dumping Vista.

    He said your computer is most likely too underpowered for Vista.

  6. My laptop runs Windows and every once in awhile the internet just crashes for no reason I can understand. It's annoying.

    Good luck with your freezing problem!


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