Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Lois' Morning Mug Meme

While making my blog rounds this morning I came across a new meme over at Lowdown from Lois that I thought might be kind of fun that Lois calls the Lois' Morning Mug Meme. Lois got to thinking while putting away dishes yesterday just what it was her mug might say about her - and that would be her coffee mug and not her "face" mug! From this bit of wondering she came up with her new meme that has extremely easy rules - as a matter of fact, there's just one rule and this is it ...
Lois' Morning Mug Meme Rules: Most folks drink some sort of a morning beverage, be it coffee or tea, and most likely from a mug. Please share a photo of your favorite mug(s) and tell a story about how it became your favorite. Include what you drink with this mug.
Seemed like a pretty simple meme so I promised myself that I could take part in it once I got my assigned morning chores done and could sit down for a second cup of coffee. What with Amanda being gone for the week, I figured I should live it up a bit and clean the bathroom from top to bottom. Yeah, baby, I know how to take advantage of an empty house! Just wait until I descend upon her room with vacuum cleaner and garbage bags in tow! Maaawaaahaaahaaa! She'll be wishing she stayed home rather than having gone to spend the week in New Jersey once I'm done in there let me tell you! Anyway, I digress ... back to Lois' Morning Mug Meme.

Even though this is a simple meme, I couldn't keep it simple as there isn't just one mug that I use for my morning brew - whether it be coffee or tea. Over the years my cousin Amy has given me quite a few mugs for birthdays or Christmases and they're all great mugs so I tend to rotate them around.

Take these two mugs here for example - the elephant one is HUGE and makes one really big cup of coffee which is sometimes definitely needed to jump start my tired behind in the mornings! The Jiminy Cricket mug not only helps to get me going with a large size cup of java but also makes me smile. Amy and I have a running joke with both elephants and Jiminy the Cricket (something about me needing a conscience or something like that!)

One of my other favorite mugs is, of course, my Death Eating a Cracker mug that was designed by my very own resident artist - Amanda! This cup is especially apporpriate on mornings when I feel like ... well, Death eating a cracker! While I'm on the subject, if you really like this mug you can get one of your own over at Amanda's shop on Cafe Press! Now what kind of Mom would I be to not promote my daughter's work??

This brown mug is one of what was originally a set of four that I bought at a bakery in Stockton, California way back in 1984. There are only three of them now as my clumsy ex-husband managed to break one (men!) but they remain at the top of my list of favorites. When I bought them I just really liked the teddy bear on the front plus the mugs "feel" good if that makes any sense!

Another gift from my cousin Amy was this Maxine mug that I use at least several times a week. "It's my body, I'll have pie if I want to" is just one of Maxine's many mottos that I just love. How can you not love Maxine? Come to think of it, pie sounds pretty good right about now, too, but alas - the house is devoid of pie or any other goodies. No wonder Amanda went to New Jersey!

Another elephant mug (again from Amy) is this cute little china mug that is only about 6 ounces but perfect for a quick cup of tea or coffee. It's also the ideal size for a packet of hot chocolate. I love the colors and the fineness of the china on this one. It's very light even when filled to the brim.

Last but certainly not least is a coffee mug that I like to use when I want to remind myself of where I work (like I could hardly forget that with being there at least 48 hours a week!). Believe it or not, I don't use one of these mugs at work when drinking coffee but have a completely different one hanging on the mug rack in the kitchenette! Go figure!

I have a lot of other mugs in the cupboard but these are my favorites out of them all. I actually took a whole big bagful over to the Goodwill just a week or two ago as every time we opened the cupboard door either Amanda or I were trying to catch one of the mugs that was in danger of falling out and smashing on the tile floor in the kitchen! I could probably weed out a few more but you just never know when you're going to have 25 people over for coffee!

If you'd like to participate in this meme, I'm sure that Lois would be tickled to pieces so please do so and don't forget to link back to her so that she can check out what your mug says about you! Oh, and I ended up having my second cup of coffee in my Jiminy mug not because there was anything wrong with my conscience but because I needed a big cup of coffee after all that work I did!


  1. Anonymous5:03 PM EDT

    WOW! You got one heckova collection of mugs! I have my mug tree stacked to the giggy... and more on the counter. I LOVE mugs!


  2. I really enjoyed this post, Linda. I love mugs! I will do the meme. Looks like fun.

    Don't know when I'll do it; I'm on vacation this week so I am lazy.


  3. Cool Linda. We are leaving for the boat tomorrow for a very long weekend. First official cruise-in of the year, so I'll do this when I return. Loved all your cups. I too have a collection. Have a great evening. :)

  4. That's a lot of choices. When I moved over to the condo I got rid of all but my favorite mugs. I only have about 3 now that I use, and Pam brought a couple in.

    But mostly we end up using the mugs that match the dishes we have because they work best with our coffee maker.

  5. Anonymous2:15 AM EDT

    It's odd. I was reading this on Google Reader, hadn't checked to see who the author was.
    And then as soon as I saw the first mug I just knew it was you.

  6. I love mugs filled with French vanilla coffee. Yumm....

  7. What a cool idea! I'll try to get to this meme later. Don't forget to take some time for yourself, too before Amanda gets back :o)))))

  8. I read this in my reader, then went to Lois' blog to find it == duh.
    LOVE your Jiminy Cricket mug!
    And how cool to pimp out your Death Eating A Cracker mug! :)

  9. You have a super collection of mugs. Amanda's certainly shines out, as does the Maxine one.

  10. You have a lovely selection of mugs there Linda. I have a huge cup and saucer for my morning tea but the rest of the time I use a variety of mugs - which ever are clean!

  11. Oh, I should totally do this meme. I collect mugs and tea cups. However, I'm certain that what is on my mug that I use for my daily coffee really wouldn't come as a shocker to anyone. hehe I'll give you a hint - it's black and white ;-)

  12. very nice mugs! mmmmm coffee mugs!


  13. Oh..yeah...mugs are so important. I'll try to do this meme! Great idea and you did it so well.

  14. Love your 'mug shot'! Mine is here:


  15. I may do something with my mugs in a non meme kind of way :)

    I cant wait to use some of these mugs, although I am a bit clumsy. Got any plastic cups? :)


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