Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mom! Look What I Brought Home!

Amanda came home from New Jersey with some new clothes, a coffin-shaped purse, a bunch of books, several bottles of hair product, and a full-blown sinus infection. Oh goodie!

She went to school yesterday after taking some Advil Cold & Sinus but wasn't feeling any too good so I told her that if she still felt lousy today I'd call the doctor this morning and make her an appointment to see if it was more than just a cold or allergies. She was still all stuffed up so I got her in to see the doctor this afternoon and - sure enough - Amanda's got a sinus infection that requires antibiotics.

While I was checking her in at the doc's, the receptionist noted that I was a 911 dispatcher and said "I bet you get some really strange calls, what was your worst?" Hum ... err ... well ... have I mentioned that I'm suffering from early on-set dementia and have taken to forgetting even the simplest things lately? After staring blankly into space for a few moments, I was finally able to recall the guy who had called for an ambulance because he was trying a new type of colon cleanse and managed to get the bottle stuck in a rather embarrassing place. And yes, that really was a 911 call and I'm not just making it up to get that link in there!

Hopefully Amanda will be feeling better in the next couple of days (she's taking the 3-day Z-pack) as she's heading back down to New Jersey in one quick week for the big concert event of the year (Bamboozle!) while I'm hoping I don't catch what she has as I really don't want to fly out to California feeling like the proverbial Death Eating a Cracker!

Death Eating a Cracker by Amanda


  1. oh Lord above! Did you GO to that website?? Almost every single "medical fact" item they state is a lie. That's just scary. Everything from your colon was never meant to have poop in it all the time to 70% of the body's immune system is found in the colon. For Goodness Sake. And I would hate to see what someone with diarrhea looked like AFTER a Colon Cleanse....

    And it never did say just what a colon cleanse is, judging by the fact some schmuck had a bottle stuck up his butt I'm assuming it's some sort of enema....

    Oh people, please don't believe everything you read/hear about!! Please.

    sorry for the rant Linda

    Ninja Nurse strikes again. :-)

  2. LOL!!! at the above comment! Gotta love it! My gramma used to get coffee enemas, or as she called them, a "high colonic." I don't wanna do that to get high! Just kidding about the high stuff...
    I just finished a ZeePak. We've had nasty, dirty dry winds and of course,
    since I have a deviated septum, I've got yet another infection!
    Hope she feels better sooner. I always feel like i have a great big Charlie Brown head with those things.

  3. Anonymous2:23 AM EDT

    I don't come to this blog for that kind of link young lady! If i want that kind of link I go to Avitable!

  4. I hope she feels better soon. I am not sure if that kind of infection is contagious. Hope not for your sake :o)

  5. I hope Amanda feels better soon.

    Haha - Ninja Nurse's comment is priceless!

    I doubt such an infection is contagious, but I'm not a nurse. Or a doctor!

  6. Anonymous11:34 AM EDT

    It's way frustraiting how many suspicious health sites I see. How can you tell if it's true or not if so many doctors conflict with each other?

  7. I hope Amanda feels better soon. I hate sinus infections. Awful.

    I believe you about the bottle stuck in an embarrassing place. I used to go over to emergency all the time and there were many guys with strange things stuck in that very same place. A Barbie doll comes to mind and yes that poor thing still had the red high heels on. It seemed the arms of this little doll was preventing its removal. Always wondered how they got that out. Bwahahahahahaha. Have a great day and I hope you don't get sick. :)

  8. I could use a coffee colonic right now, my butt is draggin today...
    Remember: after the Z-pack, get some DanActive.
    Hope you don't catch the sinus slime monster!

  9. Mo is right...whenever you take any antibiotic the doctor said to take yogurt for at least a week...I love reading you...you make me laugh even when you don't mean to.

  10. Amanda did come back with a present, didn't she!

  11. Right don't touch Amanda, wear a mask, latex gloves and leave food outside her door - don't catch what she's got! ;)

  12. It really is the suck to fly with a stuffy head. Best wishes that yours stays clear!

  13. Anonymous8:16 PM EDT

    i hope Amanda feels better soon and your story was HILARIOUS!!

  14. Anonymous11:35 PM EDT

    Who woulda thunk you would get this many comments about an enema?

    Glad Amanda's home and on the mend. She's off again in a few weeks? What a life!

    Stay well and no colon cleansers, OK?

  15. Anonymous12:15 AM EDT

    Ouch. Hmmmm, the things people do.
    Sinus infections are the worst. I have one right now. Hope Amanda gets better soon.
    Ever tried a netti pot? They work wonders...takes a while to get used to, but it's all natural and better for you than antibiotics.
    Just my .02

  16. Anonymous12:27 PM EDT

    the worst is when it lasts for a few days - sometimes my head has so much pressure that I can't focus on anything. What kind of pills work best for this?

  17. Anonymous5:32 PM EDT

    I especially appreciate these when I'm on looooooong flights - o so painful


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