Thursday, May 1, 2008

Eureka! I've Arrived!

Stretch the Great EgretQuick post tonight because I am what one might call totally worn out after my jaunt across the country with Stretch over there to the left that started with the drive from Connecticut to New Jersey after work yesterday afternoon and ended with my landing in Sacramento this afternoon. I at least wanted to post tonight and say that I am safely in California and ensconced in a really great hotel room with a bed that has a mattress that I'm sure I'm going to absolutely love in just about ten minutes or so just as soon as I hit the publish key on this and call it a night!

Engine on Frontier Airlines FlightI've got lots of pictures and stories to tell already so am going to try to get a post put up tomorrow morning while waiting for Cyndi to take care of a few things before we get together to get caught up on the last six years (or as much of it as we haven't kept ourselves informed of via telephone that is!).

One of the highlights of tomorrow is also going to be dinner with Sandee and Katherine and I'm really looking forward to that and meeting two more bloggers in person! I get the feeling Cyndi is in for a quite a shock ... as is Sandee's husband and Katherine's Teamster! I'll let you know but for now, that bed is calling and it's been a long couple of days!


  1. Have a wonderful time!

  2. glad your journey was can be exhausting.

    I am way excited for tomorrow.

    I think The Teamster is worried.
    laughing laughing laughing...

  3. Have yourself a fantastic visit there Linda! No one deserves a vacation like that and a great time more than you do!

  4. I'm glad you made it to California safely Linda!
    I hope your visit is all you hope it will be and more.

    Love the cloud photo. ;-)

  5. oh goody for you honey! give sandee a big hug from me!!!

    smiles, bee

  6. I'm glad you made it safe. Keep us posted on your advetures and enjoy yourself.

  7. wow, I wish I could go, I love that shot of the airplane

  8. Anonymous11:08 AM EDT

    Give Sandee a hug for me too!!! You girls are going to have so much fun. :)

    Have a good time.

  9. I'm glad you are safe. Just rest. I'm so looking forward to seeing everyone tonight. Zane is bringing a camera so you've been warned. Big hug. I'm so excited! To Empress Bee's comment...someday I'm going to give you a hug personally. Have a great day. :)

  10. So glad you hear you've arrived safe and sound. I'm sure you're going to have the most wonderful time. x

  11. YAY for uneventful flights and comfy hotel beds!

  12. Glad you got there safe and sound...

    Enjoy your vacation and the mexican food!!!


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