Monday, May 5, 2008

California Cruising on a Sunday Afternoon

With no particular agenda and nowhere special we wanted to go, Cyndi and I set out Sunday morning I pointed the car in a westerly direction to see where the road might take us ...

We crossed the first span of the Bay Bridge in Oakland

Then crossed the second half of the Bay Bridge into San Francisco.

This was our view of San Francisco from the Bay Bridge and the clouds were looking a little ominous!

Buildings in San Francisco can certainly make a person feel small!

We drove past Pier 29 near Fisherman's Wharf

Before stopping to take a picture of Alcatraz, aka "The Rock", in the middle of San Francisco Bay

And then taking in the view of the Golden Gate Bridge from the marina.

This was my very first time ever driving over the Golden Gate Bridge.

After crossing through Marin County into Sonoma County, we stopped in to do some olive oil tasting.

The Olive Press had some very tasty olive oils!

Continuing on we drove past vineyards in the Napa Valley

And of course I stopped to take a closer picture of the grapevines!

Turning down Route 12 towards Rio Vista, we saw windmills outside of Fairfield

While the clouds and blue sky were lovely on our way back to Stockton.

One picture I don't have is of the California Highway Patrol Officer who pulled me over in San Francisco for making an illegal left turn even though she was very nice and didn't give me a ticket. She said that it was marked for "no left turn" but neither Cyndi or I saw that posted and after the unexpected traffic stop, we backtracked to the intersection and still didn't see a sign anywhere! Oh well, guess it's all part of the California experience though I have to say that's most definitely a first for me!


  1. Wow...great shots!

  2. Oh great photos Linda, I'm really enjoying your trip. :)

  3. Sounds wonderful - one day I shall see the SF myself.

  4. Super travelogue! The pic of Alcatraz was really cool! Thanks for sharing!

  5. How fun Linda. Except for the olive press I've been everywhere else. I've even walked the golden gate bridge. It's awesome. I'm glad you had a great day with Cyndi and that you didn't get a ticket. Have a great last day. :)

  6. This very cool, the left coast has some beautiful places. Miss Bee and I drove the Pacific Highway from San Diago to Oakland in 67, I left from there and she flew back to Baltimore.

  7. the photo of the vinyards looks exactly like tuscany! ahhh...

    smiles, bee

  8. Some excellent shots. It's like I'm travelling with you.

    Great Golden Gate picture.

  9. Anonymous7:00 PM EDT

    I'm so glad that you're having a great time. You deserve it. Keep those fabulous photos coming. You can always get a second career as a photographer!

  10. Wonderful pictures, Linda! I also feel like I'm with you on this trip.

    Good to read you didn't get a ticket.

  11. Thank you! I love The City and Napa Valley. I actually got a little homesick.

    Just a little though.

  12. What great photographs! And I'm also glad you didn't get a ticket. Looks like you had a great time.
    Travel home safe.

  13. Anonymous8:49 AM EDT

    Keep those fabulous photos coming. You can always get a second career as a photographer! Some excellent shots. It's like I'm travelling with you.

  14. Anonymous1:58 AM EDT

    i LOVEDDDDDD looking at you photos and getting lost in them. that picture with the clear blue sky was magnificent!


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