Monday, April 9, 2007

250 + 21,000 = Celebration!!


It's celebration time here at Are We There Yet?? as today I hit a milestone with - this - my 250th post. It didn't dawn on me until I went back and looked at my start date here that I realized that I chose to start this blog on what was my beloved grandfather's birthday - July the 25th. I've got to think that was a good sign as this blog has become more than I ever thought it would be.

Through this blog I have met some truly wonderful people; people I would have never met otherwise. I now have friends in England, Canada, Afghanistan, Michigan, Oregon, Pennsylvania, California, and Florida to name a few places as well as some new ones right here in my own backyard of Connecticut, too. These people are a wonderfully diverse group of personalities, beliefs, and lifestyles and they have become almost like family to me. My day is not complete without a visit to their own little part of the Blogosphere and it seems that almost every day, that list over on my sidebar grows longer with blogs that I love to visit.

In addition to this being a day of celebration for this being my 250th post, I also am proud to announce that as of today I have over ~ a drum roll please! ~ 21,000 page hits. Granted some of those are my own visits here but I certainly am not narcissistic enough to have generated all those hits on my own! To all of those people who have stopped by my blog for a visit I say "thank you" and to celebrate, here's a piece of cake for you to enjoy while you continue reading! And not to worry - it's carb, fat, and calorie free!

I couldn't exactly decide what I should do my 250th post on. What could possibly be interesting enough or witty enough or deep enough to write about for #250? Naturally, I drew a blank! Then, after spending some time over on my Stat Counter page, I decided that I could perhaps humor you with some of the searches that have brought people to my blog. Some of them make sense while some of them are pretty darned mystifying but - hey - it's still pretty interesting to see what people type into a search engine and what gets them to land on my blog! So far there doesn't seem to be anything pornographic or illegal that brings them here and I believe I shall chalk that up as a good thing. So, while you enjoy that big ole' piece of cyber-cake, I present to you for your reading pleasure ...

The Best of My Stat Counter Searches!

  • The most common and popular search to my blog is: Rachel Lutkzer, Rachel Lutzker, Rachel Lutzker (perhaps it's time I did a new post on the oft-searched Traffic Reporter for WFSB Channel 3 Eyewitness News & fed her hungry fans!)
  • Penny Wise the dancing clowns AMVs (this had to be my brother doing this search!)
  • When did Are We There Yet come out (obviously referring to the lesser known movie!)
  • Single mom's broken hearts (ut-oh!)
  • Who was the star who mistakenly stood up to accept academy award? (good question, who was that?)
  • Synonym "I'm not at liberty to say" (huh?)
  • My Chemical Romance known B sides ("B sides"? They still have B sides??)
  • Kimball hospital birth rates 2006 (well, I was born at Day Kimball Hospital!)
  • Worcester MA police dispatch job (gee, are they hiring??)
  • Statistics of couples who met through a friend (this could be interesting to know ...)
  • What was Abe Lincoln's mom's name? (I don't recall ever mentioning it before but if you're curious it was Nancy Hanks from West Virginia)
  • Emergency medical dispatch questions taking too long (now this search makes sense!)
  • Gerard Way voice generator (you're kidding me, right??)
  • How many WW points for pulled pork (someone was hungry!)
  • When feelings aren't reciprocated (Feelings ... nothing more than feelings ...woowoowoo)
  • Stress relieving jabberwocky dolls (you can probably find these with the Gerard Way voice generator if you look hard enough!)
  • "Vista compatible wireless cards" (oh yes, I know exactly what post this one goes to and boy, was it ever frustrating!)
  • Even when a man is listening, he is going to get it wrong (well, yes, probably!)
  • Shameless moms (maybe I was wrong about the whole porn thing??)
  • Faith and begora definition (I strive to be internationally correct!)
  • Thank you for curing me of my ridiculous obsession with love (sorry, not cured yet!)
  • Single line teasing quotations (your guess is as good as mine here!)
  • Fire incident rehab unit (yep, mentioned that a time or two)
  • Charles Lindbergh scavenger hunt (this could be fun but how it relates to here is beyond me!)
  • There's a club, a dead dad's club (and, sadly, I am a member of it)
  • Pay close attention (yes, please do!)
And there you have it folks, the best of the searches that have caused people to ask "Are We There Yet??". Mostly what it makes me ask is "why were you looking for that??" Ah well, it takes all kinds which is what makes life so interesting!

So - with that - onward and upward to post #500 and 30,000 page hits. I hope you'll stick around and join me on the continued journey!

Now ... is there any of that cake left??


  1. Wow Congrats. That is wonderful. Hey by the way can I please have another piece of cake that was really good and it didn't cost me any points on my weight watcher plan. woo hoo woo hoo

  2. Sure, Callie - help yourself - there's plenty and if you'd like some cyber-ice cream to go with that you just let me know what delicious flavor you'd like!

  3. Wow...I am so impressed...250 posts PLUS 21,000 page hits. And to think that I've only now just discovered you...look at all the fun and interesting things I've missed.

  4. And your witty, keen sense of humor will definitely keep me coming back!!!
    Good going and congrats, big time!

  5. Anonymous3:30 AM EDT


    This was hysterical! Those searches were fun to read through.

    Oops! I'm making a mess with the cake crumbs. :-)

  6. Well done, congrats, excellent blog which deserves all that attention x x

  7. My personal favorite was the Stress relieving jabberwocky dolls...there's something about the word "Jabberwocky" that just makes me smile.


  8. And here's a toast to another 205/21,000. I saw one search for mine was "the do's and don'ts of hot dog venders in fl."

  9. Congrats, Linda! I am so very proud of you, and all that you've accomplished in such a short time! You really have taken off! Seems like only yesterday, I was reading you for the first time...was it THAT long ago? The changes you've made on your page, and to some degree, in personal life are pretty amazing! Here's to another long stretch of success on your way to your next milestone!

    BTW: Good cyber cake - went well with real coffee!! ;-)

  10. Well double congrats!!!!

    Now I have the songs Feelings stuck in my head.. argggg ;)


    Mmmm that cake was melt in the mouth, probably because it's got no carbs, fats or calories!

  12. A big congrats on your 250th post and page hit total. Well done.

    As you know, I've just posted my 400th post. Come and take a look!

  13. Anonymous10:21 AM EDT

    Hey, congratulations! YOU may not be narcissistic enough to generate tens of thousands of visits, but I think I am. I must be responsible for a gazillion visits per day to my own blog. How sad....

  14. Congratulations! And that cake was yuummmmyy.....Now, when are you going to enter the Comeback Challenge again? We need some female blood.

  15. Thanks for the yummy cake, oh yeah...lemme wipe my mouth.
    Congrats too! :)

  16. A couple of months ago I did a blog about how to TP (toilet paper) a house... well it seems that a lot of people want to know how to do that, because that has been far and a way my best search item.

    Very cool blog btw :)

  17. Anonymous7:21 PM EDT

    Thats a lot of writing and racking your brains. Although I get the impression you aren't short of a topic and always quick with a witty comment about anything. 500 mark coming up?


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