Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

American Flag
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Wordless Wednesday

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  1. After the tragic events at Virginia Tech, I really just wanted to post a picture with some meaning behind it today. This seemed appropriate.

    My thoughts and prayers go to the families and friends of all those involved in the shootings at Virginia Tech.

  2. Anonymous9:34 PM EDT

    Makes you proud to see it waving, doesn't it?

  3. Lovely. Very appropriate today.

  4. Amen! One of my very favorite sights! I do LOVE that flag!

  5. it just don't get any better than that......

  6. No picture is better than this. Happy WW.

  7. Amen. That was a good choice.

  8. Thank you! That was a great post. I pondered posting something similar. It is such a tradgedy. I can only imagine what all of those students, teachers, and families are going through right now. God Bless them and my prayers are sure with them.

  9. I did the same with the flag at my kids' school. All you can do from afar is hope those near get through it.

  10. Anonymous11:51 PM EDT

    Very appropriate. It truly hurts our entire country to see these things happen. It's one time when we all join hands and feel the pain for those who have suffered and are suffering today.

  11. Very appropriate. Thanks for sharing. This was so tragic. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone . Btw love your blog.

    Angel Mama ( Pearls of Wisdom)

  12. This is perfect! Happy WW!

  13. such a tragedy, what happened at Virginia Tech ...
    appropriate post.

  14. old glory!!! way to go!!!

  15. Very appropriate after such a horrible event

  16. the big red white and blue flying high.

  17. Obviously no words needed!

  18. Yes! Excellent photo.
    God bless the friends and families.

  19. Anonymous7:52 AM EDT

    Thanks for the reminder. *smile*

  20. I agree with Sarge just DOESN'T get any better than this! God bless America, and thank you for this wonderful - and always appropriate post. This "Bulldog" will stand up and salute every time!

  21. Anonymous8:27 AM EDT

    ((((hugs)))) and prayers.

  22. Ahhhh, it fills me with pride...and I'm not even American. ;-)

  23. I had the urge to stand when i saw this picture...

  24. Great photo for the week, I love it.

    Lisa - Lil Duck Duck

  25. I love it. Goes perfectly with my WW.

    Have Annual Family Night with the Marines last night. Pic is Matt's Delayed Entry Program Group and a Drill Sargent from Parris Island giving them a little taste of Boot Camp life.

    Hope your back is better. Mine appears to be.

    Happy WW!

  26. Lovely shot of the American Flag.

    All the victims, their families and friends are in my prayers.

  27. That is well chosen, Linda.

  28. Anonymous2:45 PM EDT

    My love and prayers to all those involved in this tragedy

  29. Very appropriate picture!

    Dont forget to check out the Scavenger Hunt at Amy's Random Thoughts starting May 1st.Details to be posted tomorrow.SHould be fun!

  30. God bless America. Excellent choice!

  31. Very appropriate x

  32. Way to go...There's not a lovelier sight! Even though in this case it's to indicate sorrow, it also stands for healing.

  33. even from afar, our hearts goes to those that have lost their love ones..
    sigh...great pic too

  34. Wordless Wednesday Guess-It's answer is out. Go check out if you're one of this week's winners!

  35. My thoughts are with those in the US and those 140 plus ordinary people who were a few days later caught in the blood baths of the Baghdad bombings.


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