Friday, April 27, 2007

We have a tie ...

Well, this is a rather unexpected circumstance in the poll for what sayings to put on my personalized M&Ms ... it seems that there is a tie for the second place answer!

With a total of 108 votes cast, "Eat Me, You Fool" was the clear winner with 53 votes. "Vitamins Anyone?" received 8 votes and "I Can't Decide" clocked 1 lonely vote which left "Linda Rocks!" and "Dispatch Goddess" tied at 25 votes apiece. Good grief ... this just gets more and more difficult as time goes on!

Not wanting to be the one to cast the tie-breaker vote (after all, I was the one who couldn't make up her mind in the first place!), I have decided to do one more round of polling which ends today at 5:00 p.m. PST. Hopefully there will be a clear-cut winner from this poll and I can finally get my choices sent off to Bob before he gives all of my M&Ms away*.

So, here we go again! {{Sigh}} I can't help but think that this would have been so much easier if I could have just made up my own mind!!

*This comment was left in response to my post on Wednesday guaranteeing Bob would give you your money back if you didn't have a good laugh or two when visiting his blog: "bobbarama said ..."Can't wait to hear what you've selected for your personalized M&Ms. Oh, hey, don't be putting out rumors I'm giving refunds to unhappy visitors. I think you misunderstood. What I'm doing is sending any unhappy readers handfuls of your M&Ms to appease them. You'd either better hope everyone's happy or get your order in quickly before you wind up with just a few of those puppies."


  1. This was a no brainer-You DO rock!

  2. My vote went for Linda Rocks again!

  3. Ok. I voted and it's making it a little wider margin this time.

  4. Voted here... thankfully it's down to 2... I liked them all.

  5. God damn every time i vote i make it a tie.

  6. Oh bloody hell, Claire!

  7. My vote put 'Linda Rocks' in the lead!

  8. i voted again and there is no tie :)

  9. Linda,

    If you liked Chagall's "Autumn In The Village" (the one with the goat). You might like the stained glass window he did.



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