Sunday, April 29, 2007

Get out the vote!

I haven't really written much about the Blogger's Choice Awards since throwing that nifty little widget at the top of my blog (look up a bit, see that thing up there? no, no, the one above the Feedburner widget ... yeah, the one that says "This site was nominated ..." that's the one I'm talking about!).

I figure that with as many blogs as there are in the Blogosphere and with so many good ones being nominated for some sort of award (5,564 of them at the last count!) that my 'lil ole' blog has the proverbial snowball's chance in Hell of actually winning something; but while perusing the stats over at The Blogger's Choice Awards website I decided that even if I didn't actually win anything it would be really nice to at least be on page one of the leading blogs in my category of Best Blog Design if even for a few fleeting moments.

As it stands right now, I am the second one down from the top on the second page with 39 whole votes to my credit which puts me just 8 votes away from being on page one. Granted, it puts me way the heck behind the chick sitting on a pumpkin who is winning my category with 220 votes but still ... come on folks, 8 votes! There has got to be 8 votes out there somewhere that someone could throw my way, isn't there??

I don't have enough fingers to go around declaring "I'm Number #11!" so if you guys could somehow find it in your hearts to move me up to Number #9 I would be oh so grateful and could declare it to the world without having to take my shoes off.

And while you're over there, I'm sure you could find some other great blogs to vote for, too - just not for Best Blog Design as that kind of defeats the purpose of voting for mine!


  1. Anonymous8:22 PM EDT

    You got it! I was vote #41! Best of luck to you!

  2. Vote 42k came over from pisstakers. Good Luc

  3. I've already voted for ya, but I would vote again in a ♥beat if I could! That was my be on page one, but I think I'm all voted out. So, I'm not pushing the issue. It's a thrill to have been nominated and gotten the votes I did. ;)

  4. I've voted, too. Can we cheat?


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