Friday, April 27, 2007

And the winner is ...

It seems that I finally have the winners in my personalized M&Ms polls - in a very round-about sort of way! When I wrote my post earlier today about the tie in the voting, I was under the impression that I had effectively closed the first poll and at that time it had 108 votes which had resulted in the second place tie. Hence the reason I posted the tie-breaker poll.

Well, either I am more technologically incompetent than I thought or the "close poll" button didn't work as people were still able to vote on the original poll which I am now officially closing at 129 votes whether more votes come in or not! So, based on the 129 votes in the first poll and the 20 votes in the second poll, I have tallied up the numbers and the winners are {{a drum roll, please!}} ... with 53 votes - Eat Me, You Fool and with 45 votes - Linda Rocks!

Too bad there weren't enough letters for Linda Has Rocks in Her Head! as that would have made this so much easier right from the get-go! A big thank you to everyone who cast their votes and for helping me to make up my mind. And for all of those who think that I rock - thank you even more, I am flattered that you think so! Now to get the results off to Bob before he gives all my M&Ms away ...

Verification of the results:

The first poll:

What should I put on my personalized M&Ms?
Answer 1...Linda Rocks! 27% (36 votes)
Answer 2...Eat Me, You Fool 40% (53 votes)
Answer 3...Dispatch Goddess 20% (27 votes)
Answer 4...Vitamins Anyone? 6% (8 votes)
Answer 5...I Cannot Decide! 7% (9 votes)
Total voters for this poll: 129

The second poll:

What is your vote to break the tie?
Answer 1...Linda Rocks! 45% (9 votes)
Answer 2...Dispatch Goddess 55% (11 votes)
Total voters for this poll: 20


  1. Ah a decision at last! Great choice.

  2. it seems to me that you are tied with yourself for greatness.......

  3. NOW can we have some candy?

    smiles, bee

  4. Well, congrats finally on picking a phrase to put on them dang blasted candy. Hope you are feeling much better with your back and you have a great weekend.

  5. I voted for the other, but it's still a fine choice.

  6. You still ROCK! :)

  7. So will we all get to sample these new candies or do we at least get to see them in a photo??? :~)

  8. I'm afraid that it would be hard for me to send candies out to everyone but I will definitely post pictures and I shall be sure to eat one for each of you, how's that?!

    Bob tells me that they should arrive sometimes around May 17th so look for a post around that time!

  9. Anonymous11:05 AM EDT

    What? You've decided already? But Linda, the year is still young. What's the hurry?

    Hee hee

    I love the two choices. Your readers did you good. As you've already noted for everyone here, I've already placed the order and you'll get four 7-ounce bags of Linda Rocks! and Eat Me, You Fool M&Ms on or before May 17th. Think you'll love them. They're very fun.



    PS: I'm mulling another contest with a VERY COOL prize in the near future. You and everyone else stay tuned.

  10. Anonymous2:28 PM EDT

    Hee hee!!!

  11. Yea, we finally have a winner!


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