Saturday, April 28, 2007

According to Google, Mouseski needs ...

I got this from Tisha who got it from Life with Cheryl who got it from ... uhm, I don't know who Cheryl got it from but it seemed like fun so I gave it a try!

Just go over to Google and type in your name followed by the word "needs" and see what the fist ten searches come up with. I figured that I would run myself as Mouseski rather than Linda because I thought it might be more interesting and, other than a race horse, I think I'm the only Mouseski out there!

So what does Mouseski need??

  1. Mouseski needs therapy. (Who told??)
  2. Mouseski needs artists (How about just a good painter so that I don't have to paint the bathroom myself?)
  3. Mouseski's brain needs more exercise. (Alas, it's not just my brain that needs exercise!)
  4. Mouseski needs to tell us more of her secrets. (No, no she doesn't!)
  5. Mouseski needs more people like this guy (Uhm, what guy? Is he cute? Is he single? Is he rich? Does he want to share?)
  6. Mouseski needs to cook meals that can be eaten while sitting at the dining room table (No argument there!)
  7. Mouseski needs to learn to more liberally apply sunblock (No arguing with this one, I burn something awful!)
  8. Mouseski needs to give Bob an answer sometime soon. (Ha! I already did, you Google people are behind the times!)
  9. Mouseski needs to improve again to win. (But I already won, see the above answer regarding Bob for verification!)
  10. Mouseski needs to call by Outpost-Earth. (Does this mean that I am out of this world?? Heehee!)
Go on over to Google and find out what you need - you might be surprised!


  1. Anonymous12:40 AM EDT

    Linda needs to last another 1 year 4 months 11 days 6 hours until her half century birthday celebration

  2. That's really good! I tried it as well.

  3. I tried it but it didn't work! ???????????

  4. Anonymous9:22 AM EDT

    Thanks for the idea. I tried it. I had 'special needs'.

  5. mine were lame but yours were really good!

    smiles, bee

  6. Okay...the first one up for me was "needs a man" followed by "needs us all," "needs some help" and finally "needs eyebrows and lashes." What's wrong with my eyebrows and lashes???" :~D

  7. Hey Linda, interesting post. I tried your "Google Search" idea, and came up with a few interesting gems. So far, I need: 1. "Enunciate" (speech impediment!)
    2. Start a Southern Rock Band
    3. medical testing (no kidding!)
    4. go home (preferrably @ 0700 when my shift is over!
    5. Cheeseburgers (now THAT I agree with!)

  8. Ohh....I'll do that. Interestingly enough, I stumbled across Outpost-Earth yesterday and found some great blogs. Also, I made mention of you and your daffodils in my post today (not quite finished but will be soon).

    Carry on!
    What's going on with the M & M saga? Are you going to be the goddess that you are?

  9. I'll give this one a try... Thanks for the info.

  10. I thought that was so fun to do. I loved the one about cooking meals that you could eat at a table. Heh heh...

  11. Those are funny! I'm gonna try it with my blog name and see what happens!

  12. 1. Gracie needs a permanent home
    2. Gracie needs a foster home
    3. Gracie needs a better home
    4. Gracie needs a new home
    5. Gracie needs a bath
    6. Gracie needs a family
    7. Gracie needs some people with experience
    8. Gracie needs specialized treatment
    9. Gracie needs to show John more love
    10. Gracie needs an owner who will pay more attention to her.
    This was all about a bulldog named "Gracie!"

  13. I thought this things was a ton of fun. I even looked up Mike and made him do it, too!

    I'd go back and check into that number 5 one!!!

  14. You got more hits on "mouseski" than I did with Morgen!
    Perhaps I should have just tried "mo"

  15. Anonymous11:26 PM EDT

    this is hysterical! i got this:

    Elle needs to sway some opinions and what better way to do it than having the interns do a little dance number to George Clinton’s “Atomic Dog?”

    haha.. pretty random.


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