Friday, February 1, 2008

Honoring a February Fallen Officer

This doesn't bode well that I am writing a memorial post for yet another fallen hero and it's only the 1st day of February. Dare I hope that this doesn't set a trend for the month ahead? Can we keep the count below the 13 brave souls who died in January? Let's hope and pray so!

Lance Corporal James D. Haynes, an 11-year veteran of the South Carolina Highway Patrol, died in an early morning accident on a South Carolina highway while responding to a motor vehicle accident involving two tractor trailers at approximately 3:30 a.m.

Patrol spokesman Sid Gaulden said the trooper’s car overturned several times before hitting a utility pole. Gaulden did not immediately know how fast the trooper was driving and also said that it had been raining in the area before the crash, which is still under investigation.

Lance Corporal Haynes, age 38, leaves behind a wife and two children as well as an entire department and law enforcement community that mourns his loss.


  1. Okay Linda, enough is enough. This is way too many of these types of posts. You can stop now. My thoughts and prayers to Lance Corporal Haynes family and friends. :(

  2. Trust me, Sandee, I wish that I could stop, too, as every time I get one of these my heart sinks but I feel I have an obligation to honor these men and women who give all no matter how distressing it might be for people to see yet another post dedicated to yet another fallen hero.

    I'd like to stop writing them right now but unless the deaths stop, I can't stop. :-(

  3. Hav you thought about starting another blog just for these Linda? It's all too sad, my heart goes out to the families.

  4. No, I hadn't really thought about that at all but I do link to the Officer Down Memorial Page for each officer which is designed specifically to honor those who have died in the Line of Duty. I feel they do a much better job of it than I ever could, I just want to acknowledge each person in some small way.

  5. Man, on the first day of the month?

    Best wishes to his family and many thanks for his service and sacrifice.

  6. these are just so sad and it's wonderful to honor them as you do

  7. Anonymous1:02 AM EST

    So very sad. As you know, this hits so close to home for me. My thoughts are definitely with his family.


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