Friday, June 13, 2008

Amanda's Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat or Why I Was Wearing a Mask!

Sometimes it's not easy being a parent ... especially the parent of a teenage daughter who is a major fan of Mindless Self Indulgence, the band that has described their musical sound as being "industrial, jungle punk"; the band whose lead singer, Jimmy Urine (short for Euringer) wears outfits that look like these two here when on stage; the band who encourages their fans to dress up just as strangely when attending their concerts; the band who is performing two concerts in the local area very soon and which Amanda will be attending and heaven forbid she not wear something so outrageous that it will make Jimmy proud!

This is what Amanda wore when she met Jimmy for the very first time at last summer's Projekt Revolution concert in Hartford -

Amanda and Jimmy of Mindless Self Indulgence- but you can bet your last dollar that normal looking ensemble of t-shirt and jeans will not be what she's wearing when she attends her next MSI concert at the end of this month. Oh no - far from it!

Check out the video below to see part of what she'll be wearing and to see what I was up to with that bandanna and spray can! It definitely wasn't bug spray!

Like I said - sometimes it's not easy being a parent but why not have fun with it while you can?!?


  1. Anonymous12:36 PM EDT


    That jacket matches my nails

    I should steal it

    -flails cape-

  2. An excellent creation, Linda. Amanda looks great in that jacket.

  3. You, girls, did a great job! I was not sure about the jacket just hanging there, but let me tell you: when Amanda put it on, it actualy looked g.r.e.a.t. (or swell or awesome or whatever young kids say nowadays :o)

  4. Anonymous5:03 PM EDT

    What mother's will do for their kids. ;)Hope she has a great time at the shows!

  5. I am a fan of Amanda. She's got real style!

  6. Anonymous7:19 PM EDT

    You are one cool Mom! I bet Amanda knows how lucky she is to have you. Not many of us would do what you did.

    And my photo caption may not have been funny, but it was pretty accurate. I guess coming from NYC has it's advantages :)

    BTW, the jacket looks great. Can't wait to see the hair.

  7. I'm not familiar with that band. Generation gap I guess, lol.

  8. I must be old, because I only seem to see a tux jacket in ever classic black, or slightly less classic in charcoal (the color of my wedding tux, for instance).

    However, there is a bit of style in the reversible (that is right-left) pink/green. More than I'd wear, but what price style? Amanda looks great in it!

  9. LOOK WOMAN: if I waste another glass of Pepsi because you fail to post warnings on your videos and it all blasts out the nostrils onto the rug while Im rolling on the floor with laughter you will be dealt with severely!

    Very cool Amanda, and good of you to put your mom's talents to use. Why, the last time I saw her with a can of spray paint in her hand we were...oops, can't say that here, now can we?

  10. I really think on your birthday you will be turning 20. Don't you?
    Crazy lady!!!

  11. Didn't Dolly Parton have something to say on this subject?

    Coat of Many Colors

  12. well, did she get those shoes to match??

  13. Such a cool mom thing to do. Good for you!

  14. I loved this Linda! And the music went along great with the photos.

    You are a cool mom. Amanda is a lucky young lady.

  15. Nice job! What a fun thing for the two of you to work on together.

    Now here's the question...will the hair dye job be to exactly match the jacket? Or will the pink be opposite the green and so forth?

    And wasn't there a pair of flourescent shoes in the mix somewhere too?

  16. Anonymous9:33 PM EDT

    Friggin' awesome!!!!
    You win mom of the year.
    And....I just realized that I like MSI. Uh oh. I'm too old for this stuff.

  17. this was totally cool.

    did the paint smell leave the fabric...did it make the jacket stiff? (I so want to try this....maybe with different colors....)

  18. Anonymous7:02 PM EDT

    Very cool, Mom but no pictures of the matching hair?!


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