Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Happy Birthday, Sweet 16!

Sixteen years ago today I gave my mother a once in a lifetime birthday present - her first granddaughter. In addition to sharing a birthday, Amanda and my mother also share their middle name - Elizabeth. Originally I had wanted to name the baby who always seemed to have her big feet in my ribs Amanda Lynn but my cousin Amy had harassed me to no end as she said that sounded too much like a mandolin. Leave it to a bluegrass fan to point that out so Amanda Elizabeth she became!

Even though it seems to have become the norm for parents to now give their 16-year olds a major blow-out party I really can't afford one so later this evening we'll just celebrate with a cake and few friends while we save the bigger celebration for next weekend when Amanda, Darci, Cate, Amy, and I take on The Big Apple and a Mindless Self Indulgence concert at Terminal 5. I bet if I could somehow get Jimmy to sing "Happy Birthday" to her, albeit a little late, I'd be forgiven for not having a big party! Hmm ... I wonder ...

Happy 16th birthday, Amanda, and happy birthday to my Mom, too!

Amanda & Grandma celebrate their birthdays


  1. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday dear Amanda and Mom/Grandma,
    Happy Birthday to you. :)

  2. Happy Birthday to Amanda and to your Mom. That was a nice birthday gift to your Mom. I posted yesterday about my grandson's 13th birthday. Well his little brother was born on my birthday. Nice gift to me, too.

  3. Happy Birthday wishes to Amanda. It is my birthday today too! And I turn 50 just like you! god class of 1976.


  4. First, hope Amanda has a very Happy Birthday! Second -my daughter, Mandy, is named Amanda Lynne and often, when she was little, she got the "Mandolin" as a pet name mainly from her dad and occasionally from her siblings. (Now, she generally only will allow her Dad and me, her siblings to call her Mandy, oh and also her nephew Alex is allowed to call her Aunt Mandy.) And three -boy Linda, do you look like your Mom! That Apple fell really close to the tree!

    I haven't had issues with word verification but occasionally, I post a comment and Blogger may seem to have finished it's thing and I close out of it then but it actually hasn't finished when I close and then, the comment sometimes get lost. Now that is really irritating for me!

  5. Oh It's a Happy Happy Birthday to Grandma and Amanda... and many many more. Eat some cake for me Linda... ohooooo yummy!!! I want some cake now... :(

  6. Happy birthday Amanda and your mom

  7. Happy Birthday Amanda! Enjoy the concert next week!

    **sneaks away with a bit of CAKE**

  8. Anonymous9:11 PM EDT

    Happy Birthday Amanda! What a great birthday treat today and this weekend - enjoy :)

    Happy Birthday to your Mom too. What a great day to celebrate.

  9. Happy birthday to both pretty gals! Have fun at the concert...take ear plugs!

  10. Anonymous10:24 PM EDT

    Happy Birthday to both of those lovely ladies!
    Amanda's hair is naturally blond?!

  11. What a sweet picture of the two of them. Where does the time go?

  12. Happy Birthday wishes to Amanda and your mom! (a day late) You really resemble your mother, Duchess Linda.

    What a lovely birthday present to have your first granddaughter born on your birthday!

  13. happy belated to your mama and amanda!

    (I am catching up...and didn't read the other comments....but you do kinda look like your mama!)


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