Tuesday, June 3, 2008

You Know You're Getting Old When ...

... this is what you get in the mail!

Sigh ... I know that 50 is coming up really, really, really fast but don't you think the good folks over at AARP could have at least let me have the summer thinking I was younger than I am before they dropped this in my mailbox??

Sad thing is - I think I'm going to send it back with the membership fee and join. The end is near!


  1. Yep, that's about the right time. They want you to know they are there before you turn 50. We never did join. We are just way too young yet. Bwahahahahahaha. Big hug honey. :)

  2. The end is not near. We have all just begun. Look at all the fun Sandee indulges in... Yacht Club Member. My o My.. If only you and I could be so lucky. I am 45 to guess I get to look forward to that also. OH Boy!!!

  3. I've received much correspondence from AARP over the years (I'm 53). Alas, I feel that AARP is far too political, and in ways that could prove troublesome for our kids. Therefore, I usually chuck the form letters. I may relent sometime and join, although I do not know when.

    BTW, the executive editor of the AARP magazine is Patti's cousin...small world!

  4. My folks enjoy their AARP membership. They get lots of travel discounts and good advice from it.

    Now the weird thing is that AARP sent me a membership packet two years ago when I was only 42! Talk about getting in early!

  5. Don't feel bad-I got (unsolicitated) literature about gastric bypass surgery today.

  6. Oh dear me no! I'll be 48 in August, somehow or other I didn't notice 40 as I was too busy. I better start some mental preparations.
    Best wishes

  7. Hey Mags - was that a good deal on the gastric bypass?? If you're not going to use that information you can always forward it along to me ... !!

  8. Anonymous9:29 PM EDT

    *LOL* So now you can get the "Senior Citizen" discounts right?!

    Bwaaaaaahhhhhhhhaaaaaaa...♥ ya Linda Loo!!!

  9. Yep, I got it early, too. Check out my blog later today for some relevant news.

  10. Tee Hee

    I actively worked to make sure not to be on the mailing list and dodged their aged clutches for ten years. Now? They found me at 60. Now? Sure I have the drug policy. Now? Even the car is a member.

    Just seeing the letters make your bones creak.

  11. I hated getting those letters too. Didn't do anything with them. Not yet anyway.


  12. Chin up, kid--I've been dodging them for four years now. Sandee has the right idea--we're far too young. However, Jamie has a point too--if you can save a few bucks on everything from hotels to car insurance, why not?

    Personally, I take great pride in the concept that I am retreaded--not retired. Pick a day and we can jump together!

  13. teeheeehee, did you get the Large Print version????


  14. 50 is when AARP tracks you down?
    Isn't the RP for "retired people"???
    Who the hell can afford to retire at 50????
    Isn't the retirement age almost 70 now???

    Enjoy your member benefits, by the way.
    Rant over,

  15. They know what to send from start to finish.

  16. you'll be a card carrying old person.

    laughing....(I think I am actually older than you....)


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