Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Sweet Thank You!

Amanda's friend Darci has been visiting us from New Jersey for the past week or so and even though she's a very nice girl with manners that I wish my own daughter had, it's been a little overwhelming at times having to deal with two goofy, giggling, soda-guzzling girls with apparent bottomless pits for stomachs. Peace, quiet, and food in the house has apparently gone the way of the Dodo for now!

Having a house guest is not always a bad thing, though - especially when your house guest's mother is nice enough to surprise you with a box of gourmet chocolate-covered strawberries and half-dipped cookies as a thank you for letting her daughter come up and visit! Did I mention that it's okay for Darci to come up anytime?

Of course the trick now is to make sure I actually get a taste of these sweet looking treats before the two bottomless pits descend upon them!


  1. Aw! How nice!!

    (Hide 'em in your underwear drawer)

    That could also have an added bonus-boys may smell the sweet strawberries and chocolate and think you *goods* are extra yummy. ;)

  2. PS. NO. I'm not drunk.

  3. I'm having a chocolate attack. Thanks!!! There's no chocolate in the house...bummer.

  4. Yummy. That's a lovely thank-you gift!


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