Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Eight Things I Know

Another good meme has been making its way through the Blogosphere and I was tagged for it by Jamie of Duward Discussion. This one is called "Eight Things I Know" and, from what I can gather, it can be about any eight things that the writer knows.

Jamie's post is excellently written, as always, and has some very good "life lessons" that we could all learn from. Sandee over at Comedy+ also wrote a great post on the eight things she knows and brought to light a lot of really good blogs.

After reading the posts by those two ladies, I wasn't sure what direction to take this in and then decided that since I was on a "dispatch" kick these past few days that I would write about eight things I know when it comes to dispatchers.

Eight Things I Know About Dispatchers (from years of experience!):
  1. A dispatcher has the bladder capacity of 5 people
  2. A dispatcher can talk on the phone, listen to the radio, and type a request into the computer at the same time without missing anything
  3. A dispatcher can tell a 10-minute story over a two-hour time period after many interruptions without losing his or her place; or, he or she can follow a story told in like manner
  4. A dispatcher sees stress as a normal state of life
  5. A dispatcher refuses to allow anyone to say "Have a quiet shift."
  6. A dispatcher views caffeine as one of the major nutritional minerals
  7. A dispatcher has answered his or her phone at home at least once with, "911, what is your emergency?"
  8. A dispatcher can only tell time with a 24-hour clock, as in, "Yes, I have an appointment at 1430."
As a bonus 9th thing I know about dispatchers - no matter how long ago you stopped being a dispatcher, most of these things will always apply - guaranteed!

I'm not going to specifically tag anyone as I did that the other day with the Eight Random Facts meme but if you'd like to play along, I'd love to read it on your blog! Let me know in the comments section if you wrote a post or, if you'd like, leave me eight things you know for a comment. After all, the more you know the more I know, too!


  1. A pal of mine was a dispatcher years ago when I was in England. It always sounded like THE most stressful job I could imagine. But when she came home she was the happiest little bunny you would ever care to meet.

  2. Most have answered their phones at least one time that way... How many times have you? :)

    I was going to tag you with this tomorrow.. rats!

  3. This is funny stuff--I always wanted to be a dispatcher. But now I'm deflated, I have the bladder of an excited cocker spaniel.

  4. #1 would be my damnation. I have the bladder of a 5 year old! LOL.

    I'm gonna do this tomorrow at work, it's cool.

    Just like you.

    (Cue the AW's)

    ;) Love ya~

  5. Linda, I am still behind a meme that you blessed me with only a few days ago. I will try to catch up. Great 8 things you funny girl

  6. This is great especially #1.

    I'm gonna do the tag at some point, but don't know when as it needs a bit of thinking about. :)

  7. At work, I have my favorite dispatchers. There is one imparticular who jusr knows everything. There is nothing like a good dependable dispatcher in times of "crisis".

    I truely appreichiate(sp) my dispatchers.

  8. OK...#1 tells me I'm just not cut out to be a way, no how. Too bad because I have #5 down pat.

  9. Anonymous9:37 AM EDT

    I love these! They give me a real view on what your work is like. My favorite ones are how you answer the phone at home the wrong way, and how you can follow a story or tell a story interrupted a million times. Wow!

  10. excellent response linda, they sound like facts to me

  11. Great job Linda. Sounds right to me. I worked a radio for 25 years, but never would have made a very good dispatcher. I was always impressed with how talented dispatcher were. Have a great day. :)

  12. Dispatching is quite an art. I tend to tell the time in 24 hour speak as well.

  13. I could never be a dispatcher, I hate answering phones! Even my own, I just let the machine get it... hehe



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